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“Watch your mouth, boy! You're just a lowly servant, of mine! All right then, show me what you've got! I'll take you all on!”
—Dagdar, in Thracia 776

Dagdar is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the 45 year old leader of the reformed Mount Violdrake Bandits and the father of Tanya. He also serves as a father figure to Marty. Alongside Eyvel and Finn, Dagdar is a founder of the Freeblades of Fiana.


Dagdar first appears in Chapter 1, where he, along with Tanya and Marty, takes up arms to assist Eyvel in quelling Raydrik's invasion of Fiana.

Dagdar, along with the rest of the Freeblades of Fiana, is later separated from Leif and Eyvel in Chapter 3, as the prince is captured by Raydrik. He then retreats back to Mount Violdrake to plan an assault on Manster.

After Leif is reunited with the Freeblades of Fiana, he makes his way to Mount Violdrake in Chapter 8, where he finds that Dagdar had been betrayed by Gomes, a member of the Mount Violdrake bandits.

Leif then storms Dagdar's mansion in Chapter 8x, where he finds Dagdar and Tanya overwhelmed by the bandits under Gomes' command. Dagdar reunites with Leif here, and although shocked by the news of Eyvel's capture, resolves to aid Leif in rescuing her.

After Leif's army successfully secures control over Munster in Chapter 24, they embark on a mission to rescue Eyvel in Chapter 24x. Here, Sara uses the Kia Staff to undo Eyvel's petrification, reuniting Dagdar with Eyvel.

Dagdar then goes on to continue supporting Leif in his cause to liberate Northern Thracia from the Grannvale Empire in the Final Chapter. Dagdar returns back to Mount Violdrake thereafter, rallying his brigand underlings to continue farming the wastelands, eventually transforming them into a land rich with nutrition.

If Dagdar dies, he becomes the Deadlord Tigris who is fought in the Final Chapter.


Though uncouth in his mannerisms due to having spent much of his life as a brigand, Dagdar has a heart of gold, one that sees him willing to lend his aid to people whom he cares for. This can be seen in Chapter 1, where he chooses to help Eyvel to quell Raydrik's invasion of his own free will, worried that she is unable to stave off the advancing troops on her own.

While he may be coarse in his speech, Dagdar is not prone to anger easily, as he initially attempts to parley with Gomes in Chapter 8x. He is only provoked to retaliate against Gomes with violence when the latter refuses to talk and insults him.


Thracia 776[]


Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
DagdarFE5Dagdar FE5 Warrior Warrior 1 Player Automatically from the start of Turn 3

Base Stats[]

Starting Class
FE5 Warrior Warrior
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Charge ChargeFE5 Axe Icon Axe - A
FE5 Bow Icon Bow - E
FE5hammer Hammer
FE5handaxe Hand Axe

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
15% 10% 5% 10% 10% 30% 10% 5% 1%


Character Bonus
Supported by
Character Bonus
  • Supports give a bonus to Hit, Critical, Avoid, and Dodge
  • Supporting characters must be within a three tile radius for the support to come into effect


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Dagdar's poor growths is offset by his solid base stats. Charge enables him to strike more often due to his high HP and enemies generally lacking Speed. Combined with the Brave or Master Axe, Dagdar's mediocre Speed is rendered negligible. He also has 7 Movement, which is 1 more than the average infantry unit, allowing him to keep up with mounted units outdoors and outpace other units indoors. His bow rank, though very low, can come in handy on occasion.

Dagdar does not need any skill manuals since he can do well enough with Charge. He can still benefit from having Vantage and a Brave or Master Axe, which will enable him to deal two powerful strikes before the enemy has a chance to even initiate combat.

Dagdar's main weakness, typically, is not his growths, but Charge itself. Due to the manner in which it triggers, it can often activate in situations the player would not prefer, primarily ones where Dagdar is being attacked by a foe he cannot respond to (meaning they effectively get two free shots at him). Given Dagdar's very high HP, he can soak up enough hits to not fear archers or standard magic units, but ballistae or long-range tomes like Bolting can rip through him with frightening speed. This makes it somewhat risky to bring Dagdar to maps where such things are in abundance. That being said, on some maps, particularly 14, it can be useful to have Dagdar soak up ballista hits at double the normal rate, permitting fliers to advance much quicker on the map due to ballistae having limited ammunition.

Overall, Dagdar is an excellent character early on and remains useful throughout Thracia 776 because of his good base stats. He is a solid choice if you need to add another combat unit to your army, and remains one of, if not the best capture bot for indoor maps throughout the game.

Fire Emblem Awakening[]


Starting Class
FE13 NPC Generic Warrior Map SpriteWarrior
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Gamble (FE13)Gamble
AxeIconFE13Axe - C
BowIconFE13Bow - D
Hammer FE13 IconHammer*

*Enemy only, joins unequipped


Thracia 776[]

“Well... I guess...that was my life...”
—Dagdar's death quote
Prince! Don't force yourself! We have to escape!”
—Dadgar's escape quote


“I be Dagdar of Mt. Violdrake!”
—Dagdar's SpotPass parley quote
“Come at me, one and all!”
—Dagdar's SpotPass battle quote
“Aye. Come to Dagdar!”
—Dagdar's SpotPass recruitment quote
“Looking to trade blows with yer elders? Ya may dislike the result.”
—Dagdar's battle quote as an enemy, in Lost Bloodlines 1
“Scurry home to yer mother, lad. Ya got no business here.”
—Dagdar's battle quote versus Donnel, in Lost Bloodlines 1
“Won't listen to reason, eh? Guess I'll have to use my loud voice.”
—Dagdar's battle quote as an enemy, in Lost Bloodlines 3
“Hm? I'd pegged ya for some scrawny villager, but I see I was wrong. All right, lad, let's put ya to the test!”
—Dagdar's battle quote versus Donnel, in Lost Bloodlines 3
“Ungh...No respect...for yer elders...”
—Dadgar's death quote as an enemy, in Lost Bloodlines 1
“Bested by the likes of you... Maybe it's time I retired...”
—Dagdar's death quote as an enemy, in Lost Bloodlines 3


Dagdar - Ex-brigand of Mount Violdrake (紫竜山の元山賊, Murasaki Tatsuyama no moto sanzoku)
Returning to Mount Violdrake, Dagdar again gathered his underlings and set them to restoring the barren land. After a few years, the soil around Mount Violdrake was reborn into rich, fertile farmland.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 645 CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL2 695
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL3 514
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL4 496
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL5 357
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776
CYL6 412
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776

CYL7 368
CYL Dagdar 776 Portrait
Thracia 776


Dagda is an important god in Irish mythology and a father-figure. This is befitting of Dagdar's relationship with Tanya and Marty.


  • Due to Marty's ending title, it is speculated that Dagdar may have fatherly or even romantic feelings for the young brigand.