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“Sure, you kids are goin' through some rough times right now, no doubt. But quit yer worryin', cuz I'll be helpin' ya from now on! It ain't like anybody can replace Eyvel, but you still got a long way to go before this war is lost. An' hey, captured ain't dead, right? We'll get Eyvel back—together.”
—Dagdar to Leif

Dagdar's Mansion is Chapter 8x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.



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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This chapter is obnoxious, but gives some great items. Absolutely make sure to bring a thief or the appropriate keys to grab the Neir Scroll, Wrath Manual, and Leg Ring before you leave. There are some thieves wandering around whose lockpicks you can steal as well. Also be sure to bring a few torches and some antidotes.

The chapter starts with Dagdar and Tanya stuck in the center of the map surrounded by several Brigands. Dagdar is more than a match for any of them, but the difficulty lies in keeping Tanya safe. She can likely only take two hits in total, so be proactive with vulneraries, keep her in a corner, and kill any units that get too close. She has a good chance of dodging, but is still very vulnerable. Assuming luck was on your side, the center area should be cleared out within three or four turns and the immediate danger will have passed.

Your other units should proceed with sword wielders in front to deal with the axe users in the corridors. Be careful while moving past the empty rectangular rooms as they have poison bow wielding Hunters in them. You can place a ranged attacker in their range if you have ready antidotes or are willing to risk poison, but you can otherwise avoid them by stopping outside the corners of each room. Other than the chance of being poisoned, there is little to worry about in this chapter other than the boss. He is incredibly powerful and fast for this point in the game and gets the usual throne boost on top of that. Asvel's Grafcalibur can take him out with a critical, but be sure not to leave him in Gomes' range if it does not kill since he will likely die in one hit. Otherwise your best bet is to use Leif's Light Sword or hope for a critical from Orsin's Pugi Axe. Capturing him is very difficult and nothing in his inventory really warrants it, so you may not want to bother. Once he is dead, you can take your time looting the place and move on.