“You mustn't give up, Maria! We must believe in General Zacharia! Our little Maria is alive, and one day, we will see her again! Until that day comes, we mustn't lose hope!”
—Dagnell, in a conversation with Maria

Dagnell (ダグネル Daguneru) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the king of Salia and the older brother of Ahab. He is also the husband of Maria and the father of Katri.


Fifteen years prior to the game's events, Dagnell was overthrown by Ahab, who sought to seize control of Salia. For the next fifteen years, he and Maria were imprisoned in the dungeon of Salia Castle at Zacharia's request. After Ahab's death, he and Maria are rescued by Holmes and reunite with Katri.

In the ending, Dagnell and Maria reunite with Katri once again. He expresses regret for being unable to participate in the war due to his poor health. He also mentions that he feels indebted to Holmes for protecting Katri.


  • In earlier drafts of TearRing Saga, his name is given as Glaus (グラウス), though in the final product, this name is used for a different character.
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