Dagr is a character from Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. Nótt's twin sister, she is the younger of the princesses of Jötunheimr.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching Barnstokkr, Dagr points out that on their way to Nótt, she hasn't seen a single Jötunheimr soldier in the forts leading up to the castle, and then figures out that Nótt never intended to give Gramr to the Order of Heroes, and setting up an ambush for them instead.

Taking advantage over Nótt being lovestruck for Ótr, Dagr defeats her, and despite her sister cooperating with Ótr to give him both Gramr and Kiran while turning her blade against Dagr and the Order of Heroes knowing that she was being manipulated, Dagr brushes over that and instead asks her to aid the Order of Heroes as compensation.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite her nation following a pacifist ideology, Dagr is a cheerful and hearty princess who enjoys a good fight. Eager to prove herself in battle due to seeing her sister as a rival to the throne of Jötunheimr, Dagr tries to prove herself to her mother that she can beat her sister to the throne by going so far as trying to best the Order of Heroes and Reginn in order to prove being stronger than her.

She is not one for formalities or decor, casually ribbing with others. Her jests can even leave the normally calm and collected Alfonse annoyed and speechless. She is blunt in criticizing her sister Nótt's flaws, such as when she calls out Nótt for becoming lovestruck over Ótr and falling for his ploy as a result.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Sun's Radiance
The younger of the princesses of Jötunheimr, and Nótt's twin sister. Cheerful and big-hearted, but also ready for a scrap when the time comes.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

Dagr Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Sun's Radiance
Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
FEH skill offense.png Skinfaxi
FEH skill special.png Dragon Fang
FEH Axe.png Axe

Skills[edit | edit source]

FEH skill offense.pngIron Axe---
Steel Axe---
Silver Axe---
Skinfaxi-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
FEH skill special.pngDragon Gaze---
Dragon FangDragon Gaze--
AFEH Atk Spd Push 1.png Atk/Spd Push 1--
FEH Atk Spd Push 2.png Atk/Spd Push 2FEH Atk Spd Push 1.png Atk/Spd Push 1-
FEH Atk Spd Push 4.png Atk/Spd Push 4FEH Atk Spd Push 3.png Atk/Spd Push 3FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH Sun-Twin Wing.png Sun-Twin Wing--
CFEH Even Tempest 1.png Even Tempest 1--
FEH Even Tempest 2.png Even Tempest 2FEH Even Tempest 1.png Even Tempest 1-
FEH Even Tempest 3.png Even Tempest 3FEH Even Tempest 2.png Even Tempest 2FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Overall[edit | edit source]

Secret Book (Artwork).png
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Base Kit[edit | edit source]

Dagr is a Axe Infantry Light season Mythic Hero who is immediately beneficial to players who wish to maximize their Aether Raids offense scores as her blessing allows the player to bring up to six Heroes into their Light season offensive teams. On her own, Dagr paints a clear role as an offensive powerhouse unit on 39 Atk and 41 Spd. She has a modest physical bulk score of 71, but she is not quite as magically resilent with a mere 25 Res. Dagr is a general dueling character and is fine with taking a blow or two, but due to her Spd in general and her unique weapon and Mythic Skill, she can easily pile damage onto her foes while making it extremely difficult for most of her foes to score a follow-up attack on her.
Skinfaxi is a pecuilar axe as it has both benefits for Dagr herself during battle while also having map utility. Alongside a Spd+3 flat increase, if Dagr has at least 25% of her HP at the start of battle, she will gain +5 to her four core stats and if she is has any stat penalties on her four core stats, she gains the total of her penalties x2 calculated for each penalty. As such, she actually does not mind being targeted by foe's debuffs like Ploys, which her low res does make it easy to target, and Chill Attack and Chill Speed is likely to impact her given her high stats for both. Her map utility comes in the form of a unique condition【Pathfinder】. The tile that Dagr currently stands on becomes a unique "space", reducing the tile's movement usage to 0, allowing her to extend the range of fellow units by one space. Thus an infantry unit that passes over Dagr effectively has a movement range of 3 barring any other movement buff or debuff currently on them. It can also negate the terrain penalty/restriction such as a forrest title or a trench tile, thus allowing Cavalry units for example to move directly over them while still gaining the extra space of movement.
Her Mythic Skill is Sun-Twin Wing, a Skill-B. If she starts combat with at least 25% of her max HP, she inflicts Spd/Def-5 onto her foe and gains a Null Follow-Up effect. As such, the former effect makes it easier for her to perform follow-up attacks and deal more damage while the latter ensures that she can do so on her foe as long as she meets the Spd requirements to do the follow-up attack.
Dragon Fang takes boosts her Atk by 50% with Skinfaxi, thus giving her a net Atk, before her other buffs are taken into account, to 77 Atk. Attack Speed Push grants her Atk/Spd+7 if she has at least 25% of her HP at the start of combat, synching perfectly with her various other skills thus far. She does take 5 non-lethal recoil if she does attack, so players should be care in not overtaxing Dagr as she can quickly wear herself down due to this recoil. Even Tempest grants Dagr an additional space of movement on even number turns. In the player's hands, this should be kept in mind when trying to go on the offensive while as an enemy character, players should pay heed to the movement range she can have if they accidentally put a Hero in a precarious spot.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Dagr is very vulnerable to magic units, especially some of the more potent Red Mages like Lysithea, Fallen Julia, and Summer Byleth. Dagr is also naturally resilent to most melee range units thanks to the massive stat gains she acquires when under her full kit's damage threshold, thus getting her down below 10 HP can take some effort, thus AoE specials that are able to hit her can quickly whittle her down as well as the likes of Savage Blow and Pain staffs.

Skill Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Dagr's only empty skill slot is her Assist skill, which Reposition does nicely since it can be used to put an ally who can counter her counter in front of her or pull her ally out of danger so she can deal with the looming threat instead. She can quickly charge her Special thanks to her naturally strong offensive stats so she can be an excellent Galeforce unit. Luna is also a decent Special instead if trying to maintain an combat offensive style of special since reducing her foe's Def has higher damage potential than just flat out increasing her own Atk. Some may consider Swift Sparrow 3 since it offers nearly the same benefits as Atk/Spd Push 4 but only during the player's initiated combat without the recoil. Skill C is flexible and can be filled with other supportive options like Time's Pulse to slow enemies from activating their specials or Joint Hone Atk to further increase the Atk of herself and her allies.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Dagr/Heroes Quotes

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Norse Mythology, Dagr is the personification of Day and the son of Nótt, the giantess associated with night, and Dellingr, the god of dawn. Since Nott has been married three times, Dagr has two half-siblings including Joro, the personification of Earth and the mother of Thor, and Auor, the male personification of night. Dagr is also a common noun simply meaning "day." Dagr rides a horse named Skinfaxi.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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