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“You dare board our ship, worm? I will not discuss terms with a peasant; I will issue demands to all! Citizens! Soldiers! Hear my words! The Conqueror himself, Emperor Walhart, claims dominion over these lands! You will grant your new emperor your ships! You will grant him all your provender! You will grant him your loyalty and your every possession! And you will surrender this land's greatest treasure, the Fire Emblem! Do this, and your lives will be spared. Resist, and your lives are forfeit! Now kneel, and swear fealty to the mighty Valmese empire!”

Dalton is a boss character in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is an officer of Valm.

He shares his portrait with Dalen.

Boss Stats[]

*Dropped when defeated


“You are nothing! A speck of sand on the boot of the great empire!”
—Dalton's battle quote
“What...H-how... Ahh...”
—Dalton's death quote


Dolch, Dalton's Japanese name, is a German word meaning 'dagger'.