“In an unthinkable series of events, Sigurd had been denounced as a traitor by his beloved motherland. In the midst of adversity, he found refuge in the sovereign Kingdom of Silesse just north of Grannvale. Silesse was founded by the Wind Crusader Sety. Under the guard of the valiant Pegasus Knights and the Wind Mages, Silesse proved to be impenetrable by any force. As a result, Silesse successfully maintained its neutrality for the hundred years following its foundation. However, opposition arose within the royal family soon after the king's death. Before long signs of war began to emerge within the once peaceful kingdom. Between the late king and Queen Rahna they had a son, Prince Lewyn. The zealous younger brother to the king, Duke Daccar, protested the idea of Lewyn succeeding the throne, and confined himself to Zaxon Castle. And almost as if acting in concert the youngest brother to the king, Duke Maios, began to amass an army at Thove Castle. It was these events that compelled Prince Lewyn to leave the country. There was no indication of just how far the conspiring brothers would go. The majestic land of Silesse was about to be engulfed by the raging flames of war.”
—Opening Narration

Dance in the Skies is Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Tailtiu Azelle Max HP +5, 100 love points -
Sylvia Erinys 50 love points (Lewyn/Sylvia), 25 love points (Lewyn/Erinys) Before Thove is conquered, have the two Wait next to each other
Sigurd Claud - -
Edain Midayle /Jamke Brave Bow Edain is in love with either archer
Edain Azelle Edain receives Rescue staff Edain is in love with Azelle
Sylvia Claud 100 love points Thove conquered
Lewyn Sigurd - Silesse conquered
Erinys Lewyn 290 love points (automatically fall in love) Silesse conquered
Sylvia - Defender Sword Have Sylvia visit one of the northern villages (the second-closest one to Thove Castle)


Dance in the Skies/Script


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is subjective to the editor's writing. Therefore, it may not work for everyone.

This chapter is filled with many Pegasus Knights so Brigid and Jamke will be very busy. Midayle and Arden (if you promoted him and gave him a bow) also work well here, although the latter will have very low accuracy if Deet'var is near. At the beginning you should have Tailtiu talk to Azelle so she can get an HP boost and a large amount of love points. Tailtiu is very weak so training her in the arena by using her Wrath skill is advised. The enemy mages may give her problems due to wind magic having advantage over thunder but she should be fine as long as she is not sent into a swarm of enemies. While moving up, you should have everyone kill off the mages at the top as well as Cuvuli. By the time you arrive close to the forest, Deet'var and her group should be nearly there. Set everyone up in the forest for the extra evasion and keep your frail fighters out of the way her leadership stars; the sheer amount of Pegasus Knights could easily cost a loss. Once she is in range have a bow user, or even Lex with a Brave Axe, do away with her. Have Sylvia visit the village toward the middle top to get the Defender Sword. Word of caution, though, as the scene of her dancing may cause the game to freeze if Sylvia is not the first unit to move that turn. If it happens, just reset the game and visit the village again. Toward the top there are two Wind Mages and a Mage Fighter, all of them having Blizzard, so care should be taken when approaching. The bridge will not go down unless Dew is put there, but do not do it right away as the enemies on the other side are perfect for Tailtiu to grind a couple of levels on. Let her kill most, or all, of them then drop the bridge. After Maios is killed, the scene will change. Pamela and Annand will come out and their forces will fight so this will give you time to get ready. After Annand is killed and Silesse Castle is taken, rescue the NPCs to get an instant level up. This is a great time to get Tailtiu to level 20 and get those who are a bit underleveled up to speed. Be sure to have Lewyn visit Silessia Castle after it gets seized so he can get the Forseti tome. It is pretty straightforward beyond this point. Fight Pamela in the same fashion as Deet'var; Lamia can easily be taken down with Lewyn's Forseti; Daccar can be defeated in the same way as Maios.


It is very possible for the game to freeze when Sylvia is doing her dance for the village in order to get the Defender Sword. Thus, it is highly recommended to save your game before having her visit the village. This glitch was fixed in the "Project Naga" translation of the game.