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Dandelion is Chapter 12x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


  • Charge Manual (upper left)
  • Shield Ring (upper right)
  • Fortify Staff (middle)
  • Armor Slayer (bottom right)
  • Knight's Crest (bottom left).


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This chapter can be very easy depending on how you go at it. The easy way is using a torch to light the immediate area, and warping Lara next to Perne to recruit him and have Lara promote to a dancer. After Perne is recruited, every enemy, excluding Tina, will attempt to flee the map. Once Perne is recruited, it is highly recommended that you use him to steal Tina's Thief Staff from her so that she does not waste any of its uses. If you would like to recruit Tina, make sure to bring Safy along. Do not cast Silence or Sleep on her as this will prohibit Safy from talking with her, and will make her recruitment impossible. If you would like to recruit Troude, warp unit close to the second exit from the left to prevent him from fleeing the map quickly. Have another unit block the exit to the stairs to keep Troude from fleeing that way and then Perne will get the chance to talk to him because of Perne's movement Stars. At this point, the treasures can be easily accessed and Tina can be easily recruited.

However, if you cannot use the Warp Staff, there as an alternate, albeit harder, method. If you want to recruit Troude you can put him to sleep (with Salem) and then capture him, or weaken him with a magic attack and then capture him with a strong character. You may have to part with some treasures due to the distance. Lara can get some of the treasures you pass, but you will need to capture the Thieves who steal treasure chests in the western part of the map. The enemies should not be much of a problem as they only have slim swords.

If you want a Knight's Crest and/or a Warp Staff, do not kill or capture any dancers during this chapter. If successful, at the end of turn 25, a dancer will appear from the lower right staircase holding a Knight's Crest. Steal it from her and allow her to flee from the map, but do not kill or capture her as this will prevent the next dancer from appearing. At the end of turn 30, the last dancer will appear holding a Warp Staff. Feel free to capture her if you need to, as she is the last one.