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A Thief of the Dandelion Gang

“The thieves hiding out in this forest apparently steal from greedy nobles siding with the Empire and give the loot to poor villagers. Their leader is a young man named Perne. The villagers call him a righteous thief.”
August describing the Dandelion Gang

The Dandelion Gang is a group of good-natured thieves from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. They reside in the forests of Dakia and are led by Perne. The Dandelion Gang only steal from Noble sided with Grannvale to give to poor villages and avoid killing. The gang was also known to have rescued Lara from slavery in the past. Though a rogue faction led by Colho secretly plan to attack villages and travelers against Perne's orders. Aside from the traitor Colho, all of it's major members soon join with Leif.

Known Members

  • Perne - The Leader of the Dandelion gang
  • Troude - Perne's Bodyguard and friend.
  • Salem - A former Loptrian indebted to Perne.
  • Colho - A recent member who plots against Perne.
  • Tina - A priestess found by Perne.