“Hmmm... We of Caer Pelyn have turned away from the world outside. The Great Dragon alone holds all our honor and esteem. In this place, princes and pauper are equals. Do you have a problem with that?”
— Dara

Dara is an old woman of Caer Pelyn and is implied to be the leader of the village. Over 100 years in age, she is a font of wisdom and very knowledgeable on the history of Caer Pelyn. She is Saleh's grandmother. She is seen on Chapter 12 of Eirika's journey, at the end of the chapter, as the group takes shelter with Dara in Caer Pelyn.

By looking into the game's data, one can find unused character data for her. Her starting stats are very low; in fact, she has no stat additions and thus only uses the Druid base stats, which are added to character base stats to achieve a character's starting stats. She has growth rates that are identical to other NPCs; Mansel and Klimt among others.

One interesting thing to note is that though she is obviously female, her in-game data shows her as a male Druid.


Class Level HP Magic Skill Speed Defense Resistance Constitution Affinity Movement Weapon Levels
Druid 1 19 6 3 4 4 6 8 Dark 6

Anima - D

Dark - C

Staff - E


  • HP: 85%
  • Magic: 40%
  • Skill: 50%
  • Speed: 45%
  • Luck: 20%
  • Defense: 25%
  • Resistance: 25%


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