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“A master druid whose heart is bound in darkness.”
—In-game description

The Dark Druid (災いを招く者 Wazawai wo maneku mono, lit. One who brings Calamity; translated as the Basilisk Glance in the Japanese version) is an enemy-only combat magical class that is exclusive to The Blazing Blade. The personal class of Nergal, the main antagonist of the game, the Dark Druid class is capable of wielding all forms of Magic appearing in the game.


Base Stats[]

FE775-30181502830610-Anima.gif S Light.gif S Dark.gif S Staff.gif S

Maximum Stats[]

FE760-3028263030301525-Anima.gif S Light.gif S Dark.gif S Staff.gif S

Growth Rates[]



  • In the German version of the game, the Dark Druid class is known as the "Geomant", a term which means "Geomancer". Geomancy is a form of telling the future.
  • The class's description in the class roll implies that the Dark Druid class is promoted from the Druid class, although no character in the game is ever promoted in such a way.
  • Although the Dark Druid class is capable of using Staves, it features no animation for it. This is because the only Dark Druid in the game, Nergal, is not armed with a Staff by default.
  • The only weapon that Nergal wields, Ereshkigal, is the only weapon intended for the Dark Druid class, with its animation specifically tailored to complement the spell's animation. While other weapons can be equipped, the resultant animation is slightly glitchy.