The Dark Flier (Dark Pegasus in the Japanese version) is a possible promotion for Pegasus Knights from Fire Emblem: Awakening. They are female-only knights who ride into battle astride a black pegasus, and who can wield lances and tomes.


Dark Fliers are a little different than Pegasus Knights and Falcon Knights as they are more offensively diverse. They have the ability to utilize Lances and Tomes allowing them to exploit enemy defenses properly and have good mobility on all terrains. Their new stat caps favor their Magic stat and their Strength stat now slightly trails behind meaning that they can use Tomes much more effectively than Lances. Their magic will take time to build, but it will be worth it in the end when they can use more powerful tomes. This makes them extremely good for taking down high defense units like Generals and now can counterattack Snipers and no longer needs to worry about weapon range while being limited to Javelins, Short Spears, and Spears. Overall they are a much more mobile version of the Dark Knight but with a physical weapon that can attack multiple ranges. However, they retain their weakness to Wind tomes and Bows.

The two skills that Dark Fliers learn are Rally Movement and Galeforce. Rally Movement is a good Rally skill, however it must be used at the beginning of the turn because movement is only useful during the player's phase. Galeforce is arguably one of the best skills in the game, as it allows the user to take out two units in one turn, or retreat to safety when low on HP from a particularly strong unit. Unfortunately, because Dark Fliers are females only, it cannot be accessed by most male characters; of the male roster, only Inigo, Owain, Morgan, and Brady can have Galeforce through inheritance.

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