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The Dark Seal (闇魔法試験パス Yami Mahō Shiken Pasu) is a promotional item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


The Dark Seal is a unique promotional item in Three Houses as it allows certification for characters to become a Dark Mage or Dark Bishop. Both classes are restricted to males. This is a rare seal and can only be acquired by either defeating or stealing one from the Death Knight.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
FE16 Seal Icon.png Dark Seal 1 - Allows unit to take the certification exam for a class that uses dark magic.

Item Location

Method Location
Inventory Jeritza
Dropped Chapter 4 - Death Knight
Chapter 6 - Death Knight
Chapter 8 - Death Knight
Chapter 12 (all except Crimson Flower) - Death Knight
Chapter 17 (Silver Snow) - Death Knight
Chapter 18 (Verdant Wind) - Death Knight
Chapter 18 (Silver Snow) - Death Knight
Chapter 19 (Verdant Wind) - Death Knight
The Face Beneath - Death Knight
Steal Chapter 2 (Cindered Shadows) - Death Knight


  • Hubert and Lysithea have a diametric problem regarding Dark Seals: both can be considered the ideal units for the Dark Mage and Dark Bishop classes due to them learning Miasma and thus getting double the amount of uses due to the effects of both classes' Class Ability. However, Hubert is only playable in the Crimson Flower path, which features the least amount of chances to obtain Dark Seals, whereas Lysithea is barred from the aforementioned male-exclusive classes, and her native route, Verdant Wind, features the most chances to obtain Dark Seals.
    • The third wave of DLC has offered a fourth opportunity to get a Dark Seal for the Crimson Flower route, where it is in the inventory of Jeritza once he joins once the War Phase starts.
  • Even though the player can obtain a Dark Seal during the Cindered Shadows side story by having Yuri reclass as a Thief, the Dark Seal cannot be used in any way, because there is no way to promote characters into new classes in the side story.