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Dark Templar (教の暗黒騎士 kyō no ankoku kishi, lit. Dark Knight of the Church) is an enemy-only class that appears in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. They serve as knights of the Church of Raze and are the most powerful soldiers within the Raze Empire. Their primary duty is to guard high ranking Raze Priests, but they are also frequently used as agents by the Archbishops, as well as the Pope.


Dark Templars are very rare opponents, with almost all of them encountered in the final chapter. They have high stats across the board, with a slight emphasis on Strength and Agility, and usually wield swords with high accuracy and critical hit rates; they are most comparable to Swordmasters in battle. All Dark Templars possess Imbue (which is a command skill in this game), and frequently have one or two additional skills, such as Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, or Counter. Additionally all Dark Templars have the ability to wield maces, a subtype of swords. They grant a large amount of experience when killed and are the one of the most dangerous enemy types in the game.

All Dark Templars wear their order's uniform: a suit of armor underneath a set of pitch-black robes, complete with a dark, featureless facemask. They appear to float slightly in their battle animations, giving them a rather ethereal, wraith-like appearance.

Known Dark Templars

  • Chaos: The strongest Dark Templar whose strength matches or exceeds the Four Archbishops. He stole the Vajra from Faye's father.
  • Semdallios: A high-ranking Dark Templar guarding Archbishop Rasputin during a dark ritual. Greatly dislikes Chaos.


  • Although capable of wielding Dark magic, no Dark Templar has any in their inventory. Despite this, the class has dark magic animations that go unused within the base game despite being finished, as seen in this video .
  • Given they have the same weapons and are in the same category, Dark Templars could be considered the promoted form of the earlier Raze Monk class.


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