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Darkling Woods

Darkling Woods (Japanese: 闇の樹海 , Dark Forest) is a forest found in the eastern region of Magvel in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is not located within the borders of any country, but Carcino is to the west and Rausten to the east of the forest. There are no human settlements in the area, though there are manakete and monsters. It is the home of the Manakete Myrrh and Morva, the Great Dragon.

It is where the Demon King Fomortiis was defeated both by Eirika and Ephraim as well as his first defeat by the Five Heroes. It is said that even though his soul was trapped in the Sacred Stones, his body dreams for when his soul is free. Lyon came to the forest to awaken Fomortiis in the Black Temple. It is said that the blood of the monsters corrupted the forest and its inhabitants, making the forest a dark and horrific place full of all sorts of monsters. The penultimate chapter is fought in Darkling Woods, and the last is in the Black Temple, which is located in the woods. This is also the place where one must come to awaken the Demon King. It is also a sacred monument of the people of Caer Pelyn, as they worship the Great Dragon(s) Morva and/or Myrrh.

Location Edit

Darkling woods, having a fitting name, consists mostly of thick forests. The area has very dense vegetation and many swamps. There are also mountains with cave systems, which are home to many monsters, like gargoyles. The mountain range to the west suggests entrance to the forest is easier through the coast or Rausten

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