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“The man you knew as Father, my foolish son Daros, was not related to you. His own wife died giving birth to Barts, and he left him with me when he went to work as a mercenary in Blood. It was there that he met Lan, who was carrying you. He fell in love with her, but as you well know, she never reciprocated his feelings.”
—Daros's father talking about him to Plum

Daros (ダロス Darosu) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was the father of Barts and a resident of the village of Taurus.


After his wife's death at a young age, Daros left an infant Barts with his father and traveled to Blood to work as a mercenary. There, he met Lan and rescued her from a group of bandits. Following this, he brought her back to his village, where she gave birth to her daughter, Plum. He also developed romantic feelings for her that she never reciprocated due to her love for her husband, Lionheart. He and Lan raised Plum alongside Barts. Several years prior to the game's events, he passed away shortly after Lan died of illness.