Paralogue 16: Daughter to DragonsEdit

Opening Edit

  • NahAll right, Nah... You can do this.You're strong! You're brave! You... EEEEEEK! Ha ha...haaaaa... Just a statue. Nothing to be afraid of...

(Risen Chief appears)

  • Nah: AAAAAH! What the heck is that?! [runs away] *Huff, huff* ...Wait a minute, this is silly. I can turn into a dragon... What am I worried about? Now how do I get out of this wretched place?

(Scene transitions to Chrom and Robin)

  • Chrom: Did anyone else hear a girl scream? Come on, Shepherds! Hurry!

Pre-Battle Dialogue Edit

  • Nah: You'll find a way out, Nah. Just keep it together...

Battle Dialogue Edit

Risen Chief: (Upon being challenged) Grrraaaugh...
Risen Chief: (Upon being defeated) Ngraaah...

Recruiting NahEdit

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Nah: Eeeeeek!
  • Chrom: Wait! I'm a friend! We're here to help.
  • Nah: Whew, good thing you spoke up there... I was about to melt you with my breath.
  • Chrom: Huh? Your breath seems fine to me...? ...Oh. I get it. You're a manakete. So perhaps you'd like to tell me your name?
  • Nah: Nah.
  • Chrom: Look, if I somehow offended you, I apologize. But you could at least-
  • Nah: No, NAH. N-A-H. That's my name. Ugh, why does this always happen...
  • Chrom: Er, right. Let's discuss it later, okay? For now, just stay behind me.
  • Nah: Behind you? I can turn into a dragon, you know. I'm pretty strong.
  • Chrom: Dragonkin or no, you're still a child, and I won't have you taking unnecessary risks. Now let's get you out of here.
  • Nah: Stern, aren't you? Fair enough. I like your attitude. Lead the way, sir. I'm right behind you.

Recruited by Nowi Edit

  • Nowi: Ooh, you're the little girl we're looking for!
  • Nah: It takes one to know one...
  • Nowi: Ha-hah! It may look that way, but I'm actually quite old. I'm a dragonkin!
  • Nah: Oh? Well so am I, actua- Wait, are you Nowi?
  • Nowi: Wow, nice guess!
  • Nah: It IS you!
  • Nowi: All right, I've told you my name. Now you tell me yours.
  • Nah: Nah.
  • Nowi: Oh, come on, why not?!
  • Nah: "No, NAH. N-A-H. That's my name.
  • Nowi: That's a confusing name...
  • Nah: And whose fault is that?!
  • Nowi: How the heck should I know? Anyway, this place isn't safe. Let's get you out of here!
  • Nah: After you...

Post-Battle Dialogue Edit

If Nah survived Edit

  • Nah: Thank you so much. If you hadn't have come, I'd have been an adorable smear on the wall by now...
  • Chrom: Can you make it home on your own?
  • Nah: I... I don't have a home. Not anymore.
  • Chrom: Then I'll arrange one for you in Ylisse.
  • Nah: No, my place is here with you now. I'm strong enough to fight, you know.
  • Chrom: Well, seeing as you're a manakete, I certainly don't doubt that... Look, if you're sure this is what you want, then we'd love to have you.
  • Nah: I'm sure. And thank you. You won't regret it.

(Scene transitions to Nah and Nowi)

  • Nah: Can I ask you something, Nowi? Does this look familiar?
  • Nowi: Whoa, you have the same ring as me! What a crazy coincidence!
  • Nah: It's not a coincidence. This is your ring. It's a memento of my mother. From... the future. It keeps me safe, now that... Now that you're gone.
  • Nowi: Nah...
  • Nah: No, I'm serious. It does.
  • Nowi: Huh? Oh, hee hee! You did it to yourself that time! But no, I think it's very sweet. And now that you're with me, you don't have to hold back.
  • Nah: I wasn't holding back. I fought as hard as I could...
  • Nowi: No, you fought brilliantly, Nah. But that's not what I meant. I was talking about your tears. If you're sad, you can talk to me.
  • Nah: No, I... I have to be strong. Everyone expects me to. I can turn into a dragon, you know? And that's not... normal. So I have to put on a brave face and protect everyone, just like you do.
  • Nowi: Your mother cries all the time, dear. ...Aaaaaall the time. Trust me on this—holding things back won't make you stronger. Just be you, Nah. That's enough.
  • Nah: I... This whole time, I...
  • Nowi: I know it's been pretty scary, but you made it through!
  • Nah: *Sniff* Mother, I... Oh, it was awful... I thought I was going to DIE... *Sob* Waaaaaah!
  • Nowi: *Sniff* It... it's okay, Nah. Mother's here, now.

If Nah did not survive Edit

  • Chrom: She was just a child... I've come all this way, fought all these battles, yet I'm still so powerless. ...All right, Chrom. No time for grief with so many others still in danger. Let's hurry on.
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