Dawn Breaks (闇の去り行く暁 Yami no sariyuku akatsuki, Darkness Vanquished by Dawn in the Japanese version) is the Final Chapter of Fire Emblem: Fates in the Birthright Version. The Player may not save in this chapter, nor retreat.


Immediately after the end of Chapter 27, Garon reveals his dragon form. After destroying the Blazing Yato, the Avatar takes a hit from Garon to protect Takumi and Ryoma. As they lie wounded, they have a hallucination of them back in the Northern Fortress as they are awoken by Lilith, Flora, Xander, and Elise. Xander asks them if they remember what they were doing. The Avatar, whose mind was temporarily reverted to the start of the story, suddenly remembers that they were fighting King Garon. Thinking that they are dead, Xander asks if they want to stay dead or return back and fight.



Secret Book (Artwork)
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  • The japanese name of this chapter (闇の去り行く暁) is taken from the song if - Hitori Omou.

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