“Dean rescued me from that nightmare. He protected me from assassins from the Empire, and always cheered me up when I was about to break down. He always laughed it off, but I was sure he was a well-known mercenary. I never knew he was working under Lord Arion...”
Linoan talking about Dean

Dean is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a twenty-seven year old Dragon Knight from Thracia.


He is the older brother of Eda. Years prior to the game's events, Dean received orders from Arion to protect the latter's fiancée, Linoan. Pleased by the trust that Arion placed in him, Dean abandoned the Thracian army to fulfill his commands. After rescuing Linoan from the captivity of the Grannvale Empire, he protected her from many assassins hired by the Empire and cheered her up whenever she was about to break down. Dean falls in love with Linoan, and although she requites his feelings, they never marry due to Dean's loyalty to Arion.

Dean is introduced in a conversation with Glade at the start of Chapter 13. He also explains the tactics of fighting on a dragon to Eda, who recklessly offered to engage the enemy alone, despite the presence of ballistae.

In the conversation between Eda and Linoan at the start of Chapter 14, it is mentioned that Dean feels uncomfortable at meetings and therefore avoids them. It is also stated that Dean laughed whenever Linoan assumed that he was a well-known mercenary before discovering that he works for Arion. During the chapter, he can visit the southwestern house and meet with Altena, who orders him to accept the Dragonpike as a gift from Arion so that he can better defend Linoan. If Linoan is killed or captured during Chapter 14x, Dean will leave Leif's army and return to Thracia.

After Manster is recaptured by Leif, Dean reveals his intentions of returning to Thracia. However, Linoan makes an attempt to stop him, and despite viewing her behavior as childish, he decides to remain at her side for the duration of the war.

In the ending, Dean accompanies an injured Arion to back to Thracia. He later becomes the commander of the New Kingdom of Thracia's Dragon Knights.



  • Chapter 14: Automatically from the start.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE5 wyvern riderDragon Knight
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
3 36 12 2 13 12 5 13 12 9* 0 2 3
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE5 Sword Icon Sword - A
FE5 Lance Icon Lance - A

FE5silverlance Silver Lance
FE5ironblade Iron Blade
Dain Scroll Dain Scroll

*6 move while dismounted

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
75% 55% 5% 50% 30% 40% 40% 40% 1%

Support BonusEdit


Supported by


Dean is ready to fight the moment you get him, and he just massacres enemies with the Dragonpike which works like a Brave Lance and gives Vantage. His bases may not be the greatest, but he has excellent growths, and he does have his own personal weapon after all. Dean's 2 movement stars give him a fair chance to move again and his pursuit critical rating makes him prone to getting Critical Hits. Dean's flying status allows to effectively taxi other units in outdoor maps.

Perhaps Dean's only disadvantage are Dragon Masters having the largest stat-losses indoors due to dismounting. However while Dean also loses the ability to use Lances, including the Dragonpike, his sword rank is a perfect A and even with the stat losses, he is still an above average character dismounted. Because the final three chapters are fought indoors, the Dragonpike becomes completely unusable starting in Chapter 24, so players should feel free to use it to the breaking point beforehand.

All in all, Dean is a great unit and the most powerful flying unit in the game. Dean is at his best during outdoors map, but is far from crippled indoors.


Death quoteEdit

“Linoan... I'm sorry... I...can't...”
—Dean's death quote

Escape quoteEdit

“...I'll retreat first...”
—Dean's escape quote


Chapter 13Edit

Dean: The full-scale attack has begun... Well, what do we do, Glade?
Glade: We're far outnumbered. Our defeat will only be a matter of time.
Eda: Shall I go derange the enemy lines? It should buy some time for us.
Dean: No, that won't do. The enemies have ballistas. You'll just be a perfect target if you go out alone. The basics of fighting from dragon-back are to run in for a surprise hit, and then immediately retreat. You must never rush, Eda.
Eda: Yes, my brother.
Glade: I will send out my knights.
Dean: Will that be enough? The mercenaries all fled.
Glade: Hm... What about Prince Shannan? If he is a direct descendant of the Sword Saint Od, he must have power far greater than ours. Why does he refuse to help?
Dean: Oh...him. He apparently has no interest in battles in lower places.
Glade: Hmph, and he spends his time playing with the women, eh? ...We have no choice. We will have to fight on our own.
Dean: Be careful. This is only the beginning. ...The worst still has yet to come.
Glade: I know.

Chapter 14Edit

  • (Visit the house in the bottom left of the map with Dean)

Woman: Oh, Dean... Lady Altena is waiting for you.
Altena: Hello, Dean. I'm glad you seem well.
Dean: Lady Altena!? What are you doing here?
Altena: You haven't changed, have you, Dean? I came all this way to give you this spear.
Dean: Spear...? But...this is Lord Arion's Dragonpike...
Altena: He wants you to use it. He was saying that it is his apology to you for making you a traitor.
Dean: It was me who chose to leave the army. I appreciate the offer, but I can't take this.
Altena: Dean, don't step on my brother's kindness. If you won't take it, I will order you as the queen of Thracia.
Dean: Haha... I'm no longer a knight of Thracia... But very well. I can't go against Lady Altena's orders. I will take this Dragonpike for now.
Altena: Good... Dean, protect Linoan with that spear. Linoan and my brother are to be wed... I'm sure Arion would have liked to protect her himself, but he can't leave the country for very long. I think that's why he gave the spear to you.
Dean: ...I think you've misunderstood, Lady Altena... Please don't worry about Lady Linoan. I will protect her in place of Lord Arion!


Dean - The Hero of the Skies (蒼き天空の勇者 Aoki tenkū no yūsha)

After the war, Dean accompanied the injured Arion to Southern Thracia. It was another several years before Dean emerged again as the commander of the New Kingdom of Thracia's Dragon Knights.

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Dean is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:

Trivia Edit

  • Dean is the first playable member of the Wyvern class line to be male.
  • In an early build, Arion would have killed Dean for his relationship with Linoan, leaving the latter to live on memory of him.[1]


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