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“Ignatz and Raphael, two sons of merchant families, set out to put an end to a series of monster attacks on merchants in Alliance Territory.”
—Opening Narration

Death Toll is Raphael and Ignatz's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at the Plains in Alliance territory, and is available on all routes during White Clouds after Chapter 7.


While the Professor is lecturing Raphael on battle tactics, Ignatz comes to inform them that he's received a letter from his family with unsettling news: monsters are attacking merchants in Alliance territory. While Raphael admits that it's a common occurrence, Ignatz states that the attacks seem to be targeted at specific merchants: those traveling from House Gloucester to the Riegan Dukedom. With his family's business at stake due to the dangers of traveling, Ignatz asks Raphael and the Professor for help in dealing with them.

Upon arriving to the battlefield, they find several merchants being attacked by a battalion led by a mysterious general. After defeating the general, he mentions Count Gloucester, which surprises Ignatz.

After the battle is over, the surviving merchants give their thanks to the Professor, Raphael, and Ignatz. If one or more of the merchants died, Raphael will express sorrow over failing to save them. When Ignatz asks the merchants about Count Gloucester, they reveal that Count Gloucester may have plotted the attack that killed Duke Riegan as well as the two merchants who were traveling with him, Raphael's parents. While Ignatz is still guilty over his friend's parents' deaths, Raphael implores Ignatz that he shouldn't allow their parents' conflicts to affect their personal relationships. Knowing that neither Ignatz nor Lorenz were responsible for the attacks, he refuses to hate them for something that wasn't their fault. After giving their thanks, the merchants will give the Professor a reward for their help and then leave.

Availability, Unit(s) and Suggested level

Available until 2/22

Unit(s): Raphael and Ignatz

Suggested Level: 15

Initial Enemies


Armored Knight=1


Dark Mage=1






Giant Wolf=1


The Giant Wolf threatening the merchants is not present during preparation but appears once the map begins.



  • Leicester Mercenaries
  • Victor Private Military


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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In order to save all of the merchants without having to rely on RNG, use your units on the right side of the map to bait the bottom wolf into attacking them. If a merchant is attacked and has to take turns to heal, they may find themselves in additional danger when the human enemies begin to move.

You must place units with enough movement and power to reach the drawbridge on the left side and activate it by the end of the second turn, or else the merchants will start trying to escape by running directly into the main enemy force and getting themselves killed.

The boss isn't particularly strong, so it's entirely possible to warp a stronger unit to the boss and end the battle on the first turn.


  • Death Toll is the only Paralogue Being played in the Nintendo Treehouse E3 Presentation.