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“The castle that everyone called home was no safe place for infants. Where could newborns be hidden in such dangerous times? The answer was in the Deeprealms- tiny worlds strewn across the astral plane. In the blink of an eye, babies grew into children. Soon after, to adulthood!”

The Deeprealms (秘境 Hikyō, lit. Secluded Realm) are a series of locations in Fire Emblem Fates


The Deeprealms is a large spacial area well outside the realm that houses Hoshido, Nohr, and even Valla. These realms are easily accessible through unknown means, but are common knowledge to many in Fates. It shares many similarities to the Outrealms.

With the war between Hoshido and Nohr causing many hardships in regards to raising an infant. When characters marry and bear children in Fates, the children are sent to specialized Deeprealms where they are raised by caretakers hired by their parents while they are off at war. The most notable trait of the Deeprealms is the accelerated flow of time in the realms compared to the normal flow of time in the main world of Fates. In a matter of a few weeks in the Fire Emblem Fates continent translates to several years in the Deeprealms. Thus children grow from infants into young adults in a short period of time.

Despite the seemingly countless Deeprealms, which acts as sort of a safety net to protect the children from unwanted intruders, the unrestricted access and entrance into realms do put them in danger when they are discovered. Some children are known to leave the Deeprealms for various reasons with or without their parent's permission, signifying that there is nothing that keeps them in the Deeprealm.

Known Deeprealm Locations[]