Castle delbray

A scene of Delbray Castle

Delbray (デルブレー) is a castle located in eastern Crimea between the Marhaut Mountain Range and the Daein border. It belonged to the late Count Delbray, father of Geoffrey and Lucia. During the events of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance it is used as a temporary hideout for the three Crimean retainers, Geoffrey, Lucia, and Bastian. While awaiting Princess Elincia's return, they used the cellars of the castle as a secret meeting place for contacting other retainers who were hiding throughout the country. Apparently, they had disguised themselves as merchants or peasants in order to avoid getting noticed by the Daein army. Delbray Castle acts as a fortress guarding Crimea's eastern regions.

Delbray is notable for being the setting of Chapter 24, Battle Reunion, in Path of Radiance. During this chapter, Daein troops surround the castle in a siege after discovering it to be a stronghold for Crimean refugees. Geoffrey's knights act as decoys for the enemies in order to draw their attention and allow Elincia enough time to reach another hiding place. The princess, however, refuses to follow through and asks Ike, as the leader of the Crimean army, to save the knights, who obliges.

Elincia and retainers

Elincia and her loyal retainers reunite at Delbray Castle

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