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Symbol of the Deliverance

“Upon Lima's death, the chancellor and the army seized Zofia castle and began to visit unspeakable injustices on the king's people. Sir Clive, of the Knights of Zofia you mentioned, would have none of it. He formed an army to free us from Rigel, and named it 'The Deliverance'. However, we are outmatched, and are vastly losing the war. ”
—Lukas about the origins of the Deliverance

The Deliverance (ソフィア解放軍, Sofia Kaihōgun lit. Sofia Liberation Army in the Japanese version) is an organization from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake. They are led by Clive, and are prominently featured in Alm's route. It was founded by Clive, Mathilda and Fernand shortly after Desaix's coup to resist him and restore the Kingdom of Zofia. Their aim is to recapture Zofia Castle from Desaix's army during Chapter 1. Lukas is the first known member in the game. He arrives at Ram Village hoping to convince Mycen to help with battling Desaix and his forces, but he declines to lead the army due to old age. Alm decides that he is going to take his foster grandfather's place to lead the liberation army to overthrow Desaix and restore Zofia, though Fernand refuses to accept Alm as their new leader and betrays the army.

Alm travels to meet with the leader, Clive, and his men Python and Forsyth at the Deliverance Hideout after rescuing Clive's sister Clair at the Southern Fortress. Later, Alm and his forces rescue Mathilda, a captured knight of Zofia, from execution. Afterwards, she rejoins the Deliverance.

Their headquarters are located in a haunted graveyard in order to hide from Desaix's superior numbers and dissuade anyone from looking there.

Known Members

  • Clive (founding member and former leader; steps down and becomes the second in command)
  • Mathilda
  • Python
  • Forsyth
  • Lukas
  • Clair (Clive's younger sister)
  • Alm* (new leader)
  • Gray*
  • Tobin*
  • Kliff*†
  • Faye*†
  • Fernand (formerly, joins the Rigelian army after quitting the Deliverance)
  • Silque (joins after being saved by Alm and Co from a group of bandits in a shrine of Mila's)
  • Delthea (joins after being freed from Tattarah's brainwashing)
  • Luthier (joins the Deliverance to look for his sister, Delthea)
  • Tatiana (Member of the Church of Rigel's Duma Faithful, joins the Deliverance after being saved by Alm and Co from Nuibaba)
  • Zeke (Former member of the Rigelian army, joins the Deliverance after seeing Alm's mark of Duma, as he was instructed to follow him should he see it)

*Recruited by Lukas during his mission to meet Mycen.

†If recruited into Alm's army.