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Demon's Ingle (Doma's Remains in the Japanese version) is a volcano on the continent of Valm.


Deep in the southern region of Valm lies an active volcano. The common man normally does not approach Demon's Ingle under normal circumstances due to the hazardous terrain nearby. According to Say'ri, it is believed that a wicked fire god is sealed away in the depths of the Volcano and the violent eruptions are a manifestation of its anger.

After being ambushed by Walhart's army and the Dynasts of Chon'sin at Fort Steiger, Chrom and his forces flee south in hopes of splitting up the Valmese forces by attacking the smaller Chon'sin army to the south. Spotting a fire on top of a mountain, Say'ri informs him that Demon's Ingle is actually a volcano, leading Chrom and Robin to use the volcano as the means to funnel Yen'fay's army and take him down.

Fueled by his pride, Yen'fay entered the Demon's Ingle after Chrom's army and a battle ensued. After a fierce battle, Chrom and Say'ri take down Yen'fay. In his death, Say'ri learns the truth from Excellus for the reason of his allegiance to Walhart despite the fact the Conqueror slaughtered their parents and people.


Physic 1800

Recover 1950

Ward 2100

Dragonstone 2300

Beaststone 2000


  • Bizarrely, despite the name of the volcano in the Japanese version, Duma is said to have been buried where the Mila Tree is in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
    • However, it is worth noting that Awakening was released first, and the location of Duma's resting place was likely changed during the development of Echoes.

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