Demon's Ingle (Doma's Remains in the Japanese version) is a volcano on the Continent of Valm. It lies atop of the remains of the Dark God Duma. Yen'fay is fought inside the volcano.


  • In the English version, Say'ri mentions that the Demon's Ingle has an ancient and terrifyingly powerful demon was sealed away in it, and that the constant eruptions are a manifestation of it's anger. This is likely a mistranslation or a deliberate change for localization, as it is actually the supposed resting place of The Dark God, Duma, the final boss of Fire Emblem Gaiden, which was only released in Japan, and the story of Valentia would not be known by other countries since the only Japanese Fire Emblem game of that timeline which was released overseas was Shadow Dragon for Nintendo DS, which only told of the War of Shadows.
  • It is unknown as to why the Demon's Ingle is in the middle of Valm, as Gaiden's final battle took place under the Duma Shrine which was in North Eastern section of what was formely Rigel. It is possible that while Alm delved into it's depths, he was also traveling underneath Valentia and the area Duma resided was in the center of the continent. However, this would imply the the actual time it took to reach him was through the span of several days, or perhaps even a week.

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