Demon's Ingle (Doma's Remains in the Japanese version) is a volcano on the Continent of Valm. It is said to lie atop of the remains of the Dark God Duma. Yen'fay is fought inside the volcano.


  • In the English version, Say'ri mentions that the Demon's Ingle has an ancient and terrifyingly powerful demon sealed away in it, and that the constant eruptions are a manifestation of it's anger. This is likely a mistranslation or a deliberate change for localization, as it is actually the supposed resting place of Duma.
  • It is unknown as to why the Demon's Ingle is in the middle of Valm, as Gaiden's final battle took place under the Duma Tower which was in the north eastern section of Rigel. The Demon's Ingle is instead very close to where Zofia Castle once was.

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