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Depths of the Abyss is Chapter 20x of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, and ithe final Gaiden Chapter in the game. This chapter is reached if the player beats Chapter 20 in 24 turns or less on Normal Mode (28 on Hard, 33 on Maniac, 38 on Lunatic). Alternatively, the player can fill the requirements by having the Binding Shield completed and have at least 3 of the following, Roshea, Vyland, Sedgar, Wolf, and Midia, recruited and alive. This chapter has Fog of War, so vision will be limited to around the player's characters.

Enemy Units

This chapter's enemies consist of 6 Snipers with longbows, 4 Generals with silver lances or spears, and 3 Berserkers with silver axes or tomahawks. The boss Eremiya wields Meteor and Thoron.


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The snipers can shoot your units through two wall tiles with their longbows so keep your fliers at least two spaces away from the walls, unless they have Iote's Shield. In order to kill the snipers, bait them with a unit that's standing one space away from a one-tile thick wall. The snipers will be forced to attack right next to the wall, and you can kill them on the next turn with a 2-range weapon. This is the only way to kill the archer in the southeast room if you do not bring an sniper that can use the longbow that you get in this chapter

When you get within 10 spaces of the throne, Eremiya will attack with her Meteor tome. She prefers to attack units with low resistance so keep a unit with low resistance but high HP within her meteor range while you send another unit with a higher resistance stat to take her out at melee range. She will continue to attack the low resistance unit with meteor and won't switch to Thoron, preventing her from countering at melee range


In the northeast corner is a treasure chest containing Aura. It is guarded by a general with a spear, a berserker with a tomahawk, and an archer with a longbow.

In the room directly south of the throne is a treasure chest containing Excalibur. It is guarded by an armor knight with a spear and two snipers with a longbow.

The Sniper that is immediately north of the one-tile wide hallway drops a Longbow when defeated.