Derdriu, the Aquatic Capital is the capital city of the Leicester Alliance and the seat of its leading noble family, House Riegan.


Derdriu was founded in eastern Fódlan and ruled by the descendants of the hero Riegan, one of the Ten Elites who fought in the War of Heroes.

In modern times, Derdriu is the location of the Leicester Alliance Roundtable, where the Five Great Lords representing the Alliance's most powerful noble families convene. The port city is home to numerous factories, and prospers thanks to its ability to produce goods and export them by sea.

House Riegan resides in Derdriu and claims all of the surrounding territory as its domain. Sometime after the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus annexed the region of Leicester from the Adrestian Empire in Imperial Year 801, it elevated House Riegan to the rank of duke. The Riegans retained this title even after instigating the Crescent Moon War of 881 against the Kingdom and helping to found the Leicester Alliance in 901. Due to their leading role in the Alliance's independence, the other nobles of Leicester granted the Riegans the responsibility of leading the Leicester Alliance Roundtable.

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Etymology Edit

Derdriu is an alternate spelling of the name Deirdre, a tragic heroine in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.

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