"Devdan is not supposed to be anyone. Devdan was imprisoned for looking at the flower garden." - Devdan

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Devdan is introduced when he is forced into work as a guard (and therefore the player's enemy) for and by Duke Tanas, otherwise known as Oliver. He can be recruited by speaking to him with either Soren, Rolf, Mist, Sothe or Tormod due to his love for children.

Devdan is one of only two possible Halberdiers that can be recruited in Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance. The other is Nephenee, who first appears as a Soldier, and can be promoted to Halberdier later if she is trained past level 20. Nephenee is considered statistically superior to Devdan in basically every way, although seeing as there are only two possible Halberdiers in the game, Devdan is still a usable unit.

Devdan is rarely mentioned in the storyline of Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance. After his recruitment in Oliver's mansion, he becomes a simple soldier in Ike's army, though he can have support conversations with several people. Devdan is an amusing character who comes across as slightly naïve as he often talks in third person, and in general his statements and actions are funny to watch.

Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn

The peace-loving halberdier, Devdan (ダラハウ, Darahau?) returns under the name Danved. In the Japanese version, Devdan's name is in reverse katakana, effectively giving the equivalent spelling of Nadved (ウハラダ, Uharada?); in Path of Radiance, Nadved is a picture Devdan drew and voiced in a support conversation with Largo.

In the character relations chart it shows two Devdans - one being Devdan and the other being Danved. Despite being identical in looks and mannerisms, Danved denies all suggestions that he is in fact Devdan. It is further cemented that Devdan and Danved are the same person by the fact that if Devdan caps any of his stats in Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance and the data is transfered to Radiant Dawn, Danved will receive the bonuses for that. All other characters who were in Path Of Radiance receive similar bonuses given to their Radiant Dawn counterparts.

When the Royal Knights attack Ludveck's castle, he assists them in place of Largo (who, having lost an arm in an accident, is incapable of fighting) and Calill, as Geoffrey didn't want to get civilians involved at that point.

At the end of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Devdan/Danved will open a comedy act which it is said could make anyone laugh.

Starting Stats


How To Recruit

Path of Radiance

In the chapter he appears in, have one of the younger playable characters talk to him (Soren, Rolf, Mist, Sothe, or Tormod).

Radiant Dawn

Read through the Part 2 Chapter 2 base info conversation where Calill says she cannot come as she and Largo have to watch Amy, and Danved steps in and says that he will fight in her place, and that he can fight like ten men.

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