“Blood leads only to blood, and violence begets violence. Nothing more. Revenge is simply another name for murder.”
—Dheginsea in Path of Radiance

Dheginsea (Deghinsea in PAL region game versions and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) is a minor non-playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and a boss character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


Dheginsea is the King of Goldoa, home of the Dragon tribe Laguz and one of Ashera's Three Heroes who defeated the Dark God Yune. He is also known as the Black Dragon King. He had three children: Rajaion, Almedha and Kurthnaga, and two grandchildren: Soren, who is Almedha's son, and after his death, another grandson through Rajaion. He is referred to by the Hawk King Tibarn as a "living and stubborn fossil". He constantly urges the Laguz not to fan the flames of war while the location of Lehran's Medallion is unknown: his top priority is to save the world from destruction. It is to this end that he maintains a policy of perfect neutrality; he also twisted the truth and labelled Yune a "Dark God" to prevent Ashera from passing her judgement.

In Path of Radiance, he makes his only appearance around the middle of the game when he holds a meeting with the Laguz royalty: King Caineghis of Gallia, King Tibarn of Phoenicis, King Naesala of Kilvas, and Prince Reyson of Serenes Forest. Here, he tells the other Laguz to stay out of The Mad King's War, telling them to not risk awakening the dark god.

In Radiant Dawn, he first appears in Part III, when the Laguz Alliance is trying to flee from Begnion through the Kauku Caves back to Gallia. However, they instead end up in Goldoa and are taken to see Dheginsea. After Tibarn explains the situation, Dheginsea, though understanding their plight, does not allow them to pass from Goldoa to Gallia, and instead demands they return to the caves and find the way to Gallia through there. This act of stubbornness enrages many members of the Laguz Alliance, including Tibarn and Skrimir. Ike remarks bitterly about Dheginsea's demands, asking him why he does not just kill them right then and there, saying it will save them the trouble of walking to their deaths, which prompts Dheginsea to tell him that he does not understand, for not having lived long enough. However, Ena and Nasir appear and beg the King to give them passage because Reyson who, along with Leanne, restored Rajaion's sanity and allowed to have a peaceful death, was one of the members of the Laguz Alliance. Hearing this, Dheginsea grudgingly allows them to pass to Gallia through Goldoa, saying that it will be the only exception he will ever make.

Later on, after Ashera awakens from her slumber and casts her judgement on the world, when Yune's army finally reaches the Tower of Guidance, Yune tells them that when she went to Goldoa to gather allies to help her fight Ashera, she discovered that the country had been abandoned, meaning that the dragon laguz are probably inside the tower. After defeating the remaining Disciples of Order and General Zelgius, Yune's army confronts Dheginsea and the other dragon laguz. Here, Dheginsea tells the group, which include his son, Kurthnaga, and Ena, that they have broken their vow to Ashera by constantly warring and must now await their judgement. When Micaiah tells him that it was not war that woke Ashera up, but the Galdr of Release, he does not believe her. Afterwards, he transforms into his black dragon form and attacks the group. However, the group, whose weapons have been blessed by Yune, are able to defeat him. 

Defeated, Dheginsea returns to his human form asks the group how they were able to defeat him. Yune, while speaking through Micaiah, tells him that she had given them her blessing. Realizing that he is talking to Yune, he apologizes for all he has done and admits that he changed history and named Yune a "dark god," despite knowing all along that she wasn't evil, but was merely too young to control her power. When Yune asks him why he sided with Ashera if he really knew what happened, Dheginsea says that he thought of it as punishment for all he has done, resulting in Yune calling him a "stubborn scalebag". Dheginsea then asks Yune to forgive him for all he has done, which she does. Knowing that he does not have long to live, he orders Gareth to gather their remaining soldiers and to follow Kurthnaga from on, appointing him as the new king of Goldoa. He then thanks Nasir for always serving him, despite having once left Goldoa out of disgust, and wishes Ena, who is pregnant with Rajaion's child, a life full of happiness. He then allows everyone to go on without him, since he cannot move. After everyone leaves the room, Dheginsea succumbs to his injuries and dies.


Dheginsea shares a personality similar to that of his grandson, Soren. He seems to be a little exaggerated with his words when confronted in the Tower; this may come from his pride at being the King of Goldoa. However, Dheginsea can back up his drama with his supreme prowess in battle.

In a memory scene that takes place before he dies, it is revealed that Dheginsea went to great lengths to prevent his own country from creating chaos. When Lehran, who was living in Goldoa after losing his powers as a laguz, asked him to help free the laguz who were slaves in Begnion, Dheginsea refuses, saying that their covenant with the goddess was to not have any wars. Lehran then asked him if he thought it would console the slaves if they knew that Dheginsea was indifferent to their situation, to which Dheginsea replied that all things required sacrifice. Dheginsea's stance forced Lehran to leave Goldoa and go to Begnion to find a solution without him.

In the second playthrough, if both Gareth and Nasir survived, they reveal a great deal about Dheginsea's actions from before and during the Mad King's War. They tell Ike and Micaiah that he had strictly forbidden other dragons to engage in any kind of contact and interaction with the outside world. Almedha opposed her father's policies and fled to Daein, where she fell in love with Ashnard, who was a prince at the time. Dheginsea worried about her and sent a unit of Red Dragons to retrieve her. However, they were captured and warped into Feral Ones. With the failure of the red dragons, Rajaion sacrificed himself for Almedha's freedom. The loss of two of his children, was a heavy blow to Dheginsea and he was deeply enraged, if Ike had not finished the war then the Dragon King would have burned Daein to the ground. Even so, he still did not waver in his neutrality, but was near doing so had Ike not won the Mad King's War when he did.

In GameEdit

Boss AppearanceEdit

  • Part 4: Endgame Area 3


Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Deghinsea Dragon King (Untransformed) Sprite
Dragon King

FE10 Dheginsea Dragon King (Transformed) Sprite
Black Dragon
FE10Dark Dark









SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Mantle Mantle
Nighttide Night Tide
Formshift Formshift
Shove Shove
Ire Ire
FE10 Strike Strike - SSBreath black Black Breath


RD Biorhythm G

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Battle ConversationsEdit

Dheginsea: Fools! By denying your judgement, you merely rush to your death.

Vs Micaiah
Dheginsea:'re one of the parentless...
Micaiah: You know me?
Dheginsea: Yes. I knew the first of your kind. I have been alive for a very long time... Perhaps too long. But soon it will all be over.

Vs Sanaki
Dheginsea: In my eyes, the mightiest of you looks no different than an infant. Can you hope to stand a chance?
Sanaki: Of...of course. I am Sanaki, 37th empress of Begnion. It is my duty to save my people. Even the world's mightiest dragon will not dissuade me from that calling.
Dheginsea: All right, then, child. Fulfill your duty.

Vs Sothe
Dheginsea: Have at you, follower of Yune.
Sothe: I won't live as long as you have, and I'll never be as powerful. Things like saving the world and fighting goddesses are just beyond me. They're out of my reach. That's why I've always chosen to fight for the smaller things in life and the people close to me. If that means I have to fight you to protect them, then so be it.

Vs Ike
Ike: Dheginsea, Dragon King. I can see you have no intention of letting us pass.
Dheginsea: I follow my goddess's decrees. My will is unwavering.
Ike: I have no choice, then. Be on your guard.
Dheginsea: Very well, beorc general. Our blessings may be equal and opposite, but your strength is a mere fraction of mine. Show me your best!

Vs Elincia
Dheginsea: You, too, deign to oppose the goddess Ashera?
Elincia: I will do whatever is required to rescue those who were petrified. I beg of you, Dragon King, please reconsider what Prince Kurthnaga said to you.
Dheginsea: It is too late. People, in our weakness, betray the gods, and are meant to be punished for it.
Elincia: I cannot believe that. People are capable of both terrible and wonderful things. To describe them so simply and cynically does them a disservice.
Dheginsea: If I am defeated today, that may convince me that I am wrong. Come... I'm waiting.

Vs Naesala
Dheginsea: Naesala, You dare challenge me?
Naesala: Heh. It's funny you should ask that... I'm not deluded enough to think that I can beat you. The goddess herself would hesitate to fight you. But my people are frozen solid, and I have to delude myself enough to think that I can help save them.
Dheginsea: You are a true king, Naesala. I am ready when you are.
Naesala: I'll be thrilled if I land even a single blow. I'm much better at fleeing than fighting.

Vs Nailah
Dheginsea: You... are of the wolf people?
Nailah: Yes. After the floods, we built our country to the east of the great desert.
Dheginsea: ...So we weren't the only ones to survive...
Nailah: Until we met Rafiel, we too thought ours were the only people left.
Dheginsea: In your country, are there only people of the wolf tribe?
Nailah: No, beorc live there, as well. There are also a number of what you call the "parentless." Children born of both laguz and beorc parents are still relatively few... but they live normally among us.
Dheginsea: Is that so?
Nailah: That's probably enough chatting. Do you still intend to block our path?
Dheginsea: ...I will not deny my goddess.
Nailah: And I won't deny my conscience. I will revive those turned to stone, and you cannot stop me.

Vs Caineghis
Caineghis: King Dheginsea, I owe you an apology. You warned me often of the danger of open war, but I did not listen. I want you to know how truly sorry I am for the strife that has once again engulfed our world, and my part in it. However... I will not meekly accept judgement by the goddess. Regardless of my duty to her, the petrified people must be saved.
Dheginsea: Caineghis, king of beasts. I regret that we must stand on opposing sides. Now we must determine which one of us is in the right.

Vs Tibarn
Tibarn: I never would have believed that one day I'd be facing off against you. Life sure is funny, sometimes.
Dheginsea: Even you, Tibarn? Don't make me kill you. You haven't got a chance.
Tibarn: Don't be so sure about that. You just might be surprised. Besides, you've got a lot to answer for, Dheginsea. You'll finally pay the price for all those years of inaction and indifference as your kin were butchered and enslaved.
Dheginsea: You shortsighted fool, you still don't understand... All right, I'm waiting. Show me what you've got.

Vs Kurthnaga
Kurthnaga: Father! Please think about what you're doing.
Dheginsea: The time for words has passed. The only option remaining is to stop you with brute force.
Kurthnaga: Why? Father, why?
Dheginsea: That is enough! No more sniveling! You, Kurthnaga, were to rule the dragon tribe in years to come. Show me that you would have been capable!
Kurthnaga: But—Yes, sir... I'll show you.

Vs Ena
Ena: Your majesty...
Dheginsea: Come now, Ena. Fight.
Ena: I'm sorry, I can't. I may have turned my back on my king and left my own country, but I still belong to the dragon tribe. I wouldn't dare to attack my own king. I couldn't.
Dheginsea: Then as your king, I order you. I order you to fight for Kurthnaga's life.
Ena: My king!
Dheginsea: You and he need each other. You are different from other dragons.
Ena: ...Very well, Your Majesty.

Vs Leanne
Dheginsea: Hello, Princess Leanne. You can't fight me... I advise you to stand down.
Leanne: (Sadness...your heart is filled with such sadness. What’s wrong? Can’t we talk about it?)
Dheginsea: I have nothing more to say to you. This is the way it has to be. My feelings do not matter.

Vs Rafiel
Rafiel: King Dheginsea, I don't understand... Why? Why must we fight? I just can't... I... I... I can't take it. Fighting only cause more pain and suffering. Why do this?
Dheginsea: ...You remind me of a friend from long ago. He was the kindest soul I've known, but he was so terribly weak. You've moved me more than you'll ever know... But I will not budge. I await my judgement.

Vs Reyson
Reyson: King Dheginsea, why must it be it so? You are more powerful than any being alive... Use that power to help us save the people.
Dheginsea: You are not the first to make such request. But my answer is the same now as it was before. I will not change my mind. I have no choice but to follow the will of our goddess.

Defeat QuoteEdit

“No... unh... Has my body grown old? Or is heart...”
—Death Quote

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Dheginsea is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


  • Dheginsea has the greatest authority in the game, next to Caineghis and Ashera (5 stars).


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