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“I've been waiting for you, Divine One. I greet you as the Crown Prince of Brodia. I'm Diamant.”

Diamant is a character from Fire Emblem Engage. He is the Crown Prince of Brodia, and the older brother of Alcryst.


Diamant is the Crown Prince of Brodia, the eldest son of its current king, Morion, and older brother of Prince Alcryst. And through his uncle, the Grand Duke, also the cousin of Citrinne. Diamant spent much of his childhood receiving the best education and training for when he would eventually succeed his father. He has Amber and Jade as his retainers.

When news arrived in Brodia that Firene has requested assistance to fight against Elusia and that the recently awakened Divine Dragon Alear would arrive with them, Diamant was the first to welcome the Divine Dragon and their entourage at Brodia Castle when his younger brother Alcryst returned. Despite his displeasure at his father personally greeting the Divine Dragon and leaving the safety of the castle, Diamant warmly welcomed Alear and willingly gave them the Emblem Ring Brodia was safeguarding. Alear awakens the Ring of the Young Lion containing Emblem Roy. Despite plans to hold a feast, Brodia Castle is attacked by Elusia's Crown Princess, Ivy. Though she is defeated, a messenger informs King Morion that Elusia's army was approaching the Brodia-Elusia border headed by Elusia's King Hyacinth himself. Morion, eager to lead the charge himself, departs to face King Hyacinth personally without the newly awakened Emblem Ring, despite Diamant's warning that King Hyacinth will likely not reciprocate his father's sense of honor.

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Diamant's concerns proved true as Hyacinth, using the power of the Ring of the Lady of the Plains, incapacitated Morion and took him to Destinea Cathedral with the intention of using his sovereign blood to feed the Fell Dragon Sombron to partially restore his powers. Though Diamant, Alear, and their combined forces are able to fight their way into the cathedral, they are ultimately too late as the ritual had already been completed and Morion was killed. Having been turned into a Corrupted, Diamant bitterly confronts his father's animated corpse and frees him of the Fell Dragon's control. After they barely escape the cathedral and shake off a pursuing Veyle and Four Hounds with the help of their new ally Ivy, Diamant and Alcryst decide to continue on the Divine Dragon's journey to get back the rings they lost and stop Sombron once and for all.

After Sombron is defeated, Diamant ascends the Brodian throne and works tirelessly to, and succeeds in, improve relations with Elusia.

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Fell Xenologue[]

Diamant aided in the war against Sombron, wherein his father and retainers as well as Alear were killed, leaving Alcryst as his only remaining family. Despite ascending the throne, Diamant proves to be a lackluster king, unable to cope with the loss of his loved ones, and instead relies on Alcryst for counsel. He closes off Brodia to the public and uses the summoning power of the Bracelet of the Lonely Heir to fight their battles for him as he prefers not to fight.

Diamant and Alcryst agree to collect the other bracelets and use their power of invulnerability to protect Brodia from the coming war and to capture Nel so she can put them to sleep. He is forced to fight when Brodia's guards discover Gregory, who leads them to Nel, Nil and the main timeline's Alear, which causes him to express doubts about actually winning against the Divine Dragon. To his expectations, he and Alcryst are defeated and he surrenders, seeing no other choice but to surrender their bracelet and leave the fate of Brodia in their hands.

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Later however, Nel confronts the brothers over the attack on Lythos Castle which they have no knowledge of, before killing Alcryst, enraging Diamant. He then attempts to attack her, but Nel easily dodges his attack and kills him. It is later revealed that he and almost everyone else in Elyos were Corrupted, though they were unaware of their condition the entire time.

After Nil collects all of the bracelets, Diamant is revived a second time wielding the same bracelet against Alear's army. He is soon killed again and dies believing that he has failed Brodia as king.

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As the crown prince of Brodia, Diamant exemplifies its best qualities of honor, valor, and bravery. He has a serious demeanor as one can expect of the future King of Brodia, and is well versed in combat, history, and etiquette, learning all that he can so he can lead effectively. He holds his father in high esteem, though is frustrated by his recklessness and stubborn adherence to honor. Nonetheless, he admires him and hopes to be as highly regarded one day. He is close to his younger brother Alcryst and supports him gently, yet firmly to help his brother see his better qualities and is patient with his self-defeating attitude.

Despite Brodia's longstanding history as something of a warmongering nation, especially in regards to its eastern neighbor Elusia, Diamant seeks more diplomatic means to establish peace between nations and will only choose steel if it is the last resort. As such, Diamant is highly educated, exhibits profound wisdom, and is versed in history, trying to learn from the mistakes of the past so he will not repeat them when he eventually succeeds his father.

In his B Support with Alcryst and his bond conversation with Sigurd, Diamant reveals that he had once seriously burned his hand mishandling fire magic, and has been afraid of mages ever since then. His Support with Alear reveals that he is creeped out by caterpillars.

Despite his serious nature, Diamant has the loudest laugh in the army and is a big fan of Jade's comedy novels.

Fell Xenologue Diamant[]

In the Xenologue Elyos, Diamant is a pacifist ruler who despises and tries to avoid direct confrontation whenever possible by using Veronica's power to summon heroes to fight for him. He is much more soft-spoken and exhibits strong self-doubt, but has enough loyalty and pride in Brodia to stand against his former allies. As stated by his main timeline counterpart in their direct fight, he still believes in his cause since he still fights despite his hesitations. When confronted by Alear, his retainers, Citrinne or Saphir, he expresses severe mental instability over the death of his own retainers to the point that he cannot discern fantasy from reality and assumes that they are still with him. He also fears that one day Alcryst may kill him and take the throne for himself as he believes that he is a more capable ruler.

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After he is revived a second time, Diamant has become depressed as he realizes that Brodia's throne will remain empty for all time and fights out of reluctance. As he dies, he believes himself to be a failure of a king.

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Fire Emblem Engage[]

The majestic crown prince of Brodia. His people trust him greatly for his strong, genuine demeanor.

Base Stats[]

Starting ClassBattle Style
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
RoyFE17SpriteRoyFE17 Fair Fight IconFair Fight
FE17 Hold Out IconHold Out*
FE17 Rise Above IconRise Above*
FE17 Blazing Lion IconBlazing Lion*
FE17 SwordSword - BIronSwordFE17SpriteIron Sword
SteelSwordFE17SpriteSteel Sword

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As An Enemy[]

Fell Xenologue 3: Path to War[]
King of Brodia from another world. Timid and pessimistic, he lacks the confidence to be decisive.
Fell Xenologue 6: Seven Bracelets[]
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Growth Rates[]

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
75% 15% 30% 15% 20% 40% 40% 25% 20%




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Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Diamant joins the player's army at the start of Chapter 8, and boasts some of the highest base stats at that point of the game, augmented further by wielding Roy as his Emblem Ring, allowing him to be a solid infantry unit and Back-up right out of the gate. His personal bases and overall growth rate total are unremarkable however, being weighted mainly towards his HP and low Magic and Dexterity, with his other stats being simply average. This can result in him becoming a well-rounded physical attacker in the later stages of a run, with enough damage output, tankiness, and speed to fill most roles in a deployment as they are needed, but he will not match more specialized units in any one role he takes and can end up outmatched against more powerful late-game attackers.

Diamant's starting class is Lord, which has unusually high base stats for a starting class and is partly responsible for his strong early performance. His unique promoted class, Successeur, grants access to S-rank Swords and A-rank Axes and Sol, allowing him a chance to heal 50% of the damage he deals based on his Dexterity. The skill's potential is somewhat spoiled by Successeur's low Dexterity cap of 22, meaning even at max Dexterity, Sol procs are very inconsistent and cannot be relied upon to save him if he is forced to tank multiple attacks, even when assisted by Roy's Hold Out. If he is reclassed, he will lose his strong base stats and Sol, but can still utilise his Personal Skill, Fair Fight, to compensate for his middling accuracy and make use of relatively inaccurate but strong weapons such as axes.

His starting ring is the Ring of the Young Lion and it is an acceptable defensive ring on him. Though Hold Out offers some interesting synergy with Sol, its low proc rate makes the combo not worthwhile to build around. Otherwise, Diamant works with a variety of rings either offensive to patch his speed and accuracy (such as the Rings of the Lady of the Plains or Hero-King), or defensive to improve his bulk (such as his starting ring or the Ring of the Radiant Hero).

Overall, Diamant makes for a strong early addition to many teams, with high damage output, a mildly reliable means of self-sustain, and bulk to be able to act as a great frontline. Long-term, he balances out and lacks the specialized potency of the later recruited characters. Nonetheless, Diamant becomes a generally reliable unit without any particularly strong negative flaws and can be utilized in a straightforward manner while achieving solid results.

Gift List[]

Gift Name Type of Gift Description
Dried Meat Favorite A well-aged dried meat popular as a portable snack. Favored by fans of meat and folk food.
Training Weight Favorite A stone weight that can be held by hand or tied to the leg. Favored by fans of training and exercise.
Muscle Balm Favorite Apply to muscles after working out to avoid soreness. Favored by fans of training and exercise.
Sharp Chisel Favorite A tool used to carve intricate designs on wood. Favored by fans of crafting and weapons.
Philosophy Book Favorite A complex introductory text for students of reason and meaning. Favored by fans of studying.
Elyos History Favorite A thick book detailing the history of Elyos and its regions. Favored by fans of reading and studying.
Fishing Bait Favorite Bait to lure fish made with the most appetizing worms. Favored by fans of fishing.
Utility Knife Favorite A handy tool that includes a knife, scissors, etc. Favored by fans of crafting, weapons, and cool things.
Fine Quill Pen Favorite A one-of-a-kind quill pen made from a rare bird’s feather. Favored by fans of luxury, studying, and writing.
Fancy Dagger Favorite A decorative dagger with a finely wrought haft and sheath. Favored by fans of weapons.
Bandages Favorite Mainly used for tending wounds or bracing joints and muscles to prevent injury. Favored by fans of training.
Spirit Gem Favorite A gem that shines with many colors. Found only in the Somniel, especially near Sommie. Favored by all.
Strong Perfume Disliked A small bottle of perfume made from the essence of fruit and flowers. Favored by fans of fashion.
Flower Wreath Disliked A handmade wreath often displayed on doors or walls. Favored by fans of flowers and cute things.
Cute Apron Disliked A charming pink apron embellished with embroidery and frills. Favored by fans of cooking and cute things.
Bear Carving Disliked The realistic details make this wooden ornament shine. Favored by fans of animals and cute things.
Playing Cards Disliked Picture cards used for various group games. Favored by children and fans of parties and games.
Lovely Candle Disliked An exclusive candle etched by hand with an elaborate design. Favored by fans of fashion, luxury, and parties.
Large Plate Disliked A large and practical plate that holds food for multiple people. Favored by fans of cooking and parties.
Horse Manure Disliked Ordinary horse manure. That’s it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Rising Power
Crown prince of Brodia, the Kingdom of Might. Has a strong, genuine spirit and the trust of his people. Appears in Fire Emblem Engage.

Base Stats[]

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Diamant Heroes spriteTitle
Rising Power
Heroes Infantry Infantry
FEH skill offense Fair-Fight Blade
FEH skill special Glowing Ember
FEH Sword Sword


FEH skill offenseIron Sword---
Steel Sword---
Silver Sword---
Fair-Fight Blade-FEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill specialGlowing Ember---
BonfireGlowing Ember--
AFEH Atk Def Finish 1 Atk Def Finish 1--
FEH Atk Def Finish 2 Atk Def Finish 2FEH Atk Def Finish 1 Atk Def Finish 1-
FEH Atk Def Finish 3 Atk Def Finish 3FEH Atk Def Finish 2 Atk Def Finish 2-
FEH Atk Def Finish 4 Atk Def Finish 4FEH Atk Def Finish 3 Atk Def Finish 3FEH Star Rarity 5
BFEH Atk Spd Bulwark 1 Atk Spd Bulwark 1--
FEH Atk Spd Bulwark 2 Atk Spd Bulwark 2FEH Atk Spd Bulwark 1 Atk Spd Bulwark 1-
FEH Atk Spd Bulwark 3 Atk Spd Bulwark 3FEH Atk Spd Bulwark 2 Atk Spd Bulwark 2-
CFEH Time's Pulse 1 Time's Pulse 1--
FEH Time's Pulse 2 Time's Pulse 2FEH Time's Pulse 1 Time's Pulse 1-
FEH Time's Pulse 3 Time's Pulse 3FEH Time's Pulse 2 Time's Pulse 2-


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Kit[]
Skill Inheritance[]

Meet Some of the Heroes[]

Rising Power Diamant
Diamant rising power pop01 Diamant is the crown prince of Brodia, a kingdom on the continent of Elyos. His strength and forthrightness make him a Hero to respect and admire!
Diamant rising power pop02 Diamant is wise and brave, with many accomplishments to his name. His retainers and subjects have high hopes for his reign as their next king!
Diamant rising power pop03 Brodia is currently waging war with the neighboring kingdom of Elusia in an attempt to claim more territory. Diamant hopes to find a more peaceful path to prosperity for his kingdom.
Diamant rising power pop04 It's not easy to change the character of an entire kingdom, but Diamant has full conviction in his ideals. I think he'll find a way!
Closely Associated Characters
Alcryst The second prince of Brodia. Lacks self-confidence, despite his royal status. Diamant's younger brother.





Diamant/Heroes Quotes

Possible Endings[]

Rising Power Diamant
As the new king of Brodia, Diamant ordered a halt to all invasions and worked to reform his people's attitudes on Elusia.
Some nobles resisted Diamant at first, but his vision for the future earned their favor. By exporting ore, Brodia was able to shift to a booming, trade-based economy.
Diamant and Alear
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace.
Diamant claimed the Brodian throne and ushered in a new era of prosperity and peace. When his reign ended, he retired to a quiet life in the land of Lythos.

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes


CYL8 12 CYL Diamant Portrait


Diamant is the French, Dutch, Czech and German word for diamond.


  • Diamant shares his Japanese voice actor, Junichi Suwabe, with Jakob from Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Diamant's ring size, according to the Ally Notebook, is 11.5 | W 3/4.
    • He is tied with Mauvier for the largest ring size in the game.


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