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* "Is this...where it ends..."
* "Is this...where it ends..."
====Joining Forces Forging Bonds====
=====C Support=====
* '''Alfonse''': Prince Dimitri, have you yet grown accustomed to life here?
* '''Dimitri''': I appreciate your consideration. In fact, thanks to you, the adjustment has been easy. I have only one issue... It's that, even if I had unlimited time, it would not be enough to learn about all the Heroes from other worlds.
* '''Alfonse''': I feel the same. There is much we can learn from them.
* '''Dimitri''': Ah, another issue comes to mind. Will you do something for me, Prince Alfonse?
* '''Alfonse''': I will try. What is it you need, Prince?
* '''Dimitri''': Know that you don't need to speak so politely to me. After all, in this world, I am not a prince. Here, I am but one of many leaders. I feel a little unsettled hearing you speak to me with such politeness.
* '''Alfonse''': Of course. If you would feel more comfortable with less formality on my part, I will adjust accordingly. In that case, would you consider taking a more familiar attitude with me as well? I may be a prince of this country, but we are both members of the Order of Heroes. In that sense, we are equals.
* '''Dimitri''': ... ...Understood. If that is your wish, then I am happy to oblige.
=====B Support=====
* '''Alfonse''': The enemy is dug in on this position. That being said, the best entry point for our attack would be there.
* '''Dimitri''': The fortress? If we attack from there, we would have a tactical advantage. However, in that case, the fighting could impact people in that town adjoining the fortress. We would be risking civilian lives to complete the objective. It is rational, but perhaps not moral.
* '''Alfonse''': ... If we shirked this opportunity and let the enemy survive, we would risk many more lives. As the prince of this realm, it is my duty to protect as many of my people as I can. It is the rational choice. ... And yet...
* '''Dimitri''': Alfonse, if I may... This decision need not be a binary. Why don't we consider alternative strategies?
* '''Alfonse''': Excuse me?
* '''Dimitri''': You need not rely strictly on yourself to make this decision. Others might be able to suggest different paths. I have assembled suggestions from others in your army. I asked everyone, from seasoned military minds to those who usually skip war council meetings. Drawing from their wisdom, I have devised a few plans of my own— of course, the final decision is yours.
* '''Alfonse''': Dimitri...
* '''Dimitri''': Whether in your country or my own, I cannot abide the spilling of innocent blood. No cause is great enough to merit such a cost.
=====A Support=====
* '''Alfonse''': Thank you, Dimitri. Your strategy let us scrape by without needless losses.
* '''Dimitri''': Yes. Well. Your own leadership is to thank for the victory. It was you who made the choice. I merely advised you.
* '''Alfonse''': I kept going back and forth. I obsessed over the possibility that, by protecting a handful of innocents, I was endangering countless more. But my conscience would not let me accept the trade-off. I am ashamed that I dithered for so long.
* '''Dimitri''': Alfonse... Permit me to say one thing. Ethical choices are ambiguous. Laws may flatten these ambiguities, but leaders should embrace them. At times, one must rely on logic to make a decision. But that does not mean ignoring what one's heart says. When faced with a difficult decision, you should struggle to find the truth, even at the risk of seeming indecisive. That is what I consider to be the role of a leader, at any rate.
* '''Alfonse''': Struggling to find the right path... And sticking to it, no matter the criticism. That's the kind of leader I would like to be... ... The kind of king I hope to be.
* '''Dimitri''': Hah. It seems the two of us are cut from the same cloth.
=====S Support=====
* '''Alfonse''': Dimitri. I notice a certain carelessness in your fighting. Carelessness as to your own survival, I mean.
* '''Dimitri''': Is that really how it looks? I have always enjoyed fighting. On the battlefield, lance in hand, I am not troubled by my thoughts. It is how I was raised—I learned to wield a weapon before I learned how to write my own name.
* '''Alfonse''': Even though you're a prince?
* '''Dimitri''': No. It is because I am a prince. Houses carrying the bloodlines of the 10 Elites have always used their Crests to protect the Kingdom.
* '''Alfonse''': Crests... Those are the powers passed down through certain bloodlines in Fódlan, yes?
* '''Dimitri''': Correct. And as someone born with the Crest of the Kingdom's royal family, it is my duty to protect others.
* '''Alfonse''': If that's the case, why do you fight with so little regard for your own life? Your life is not yours alone.
* '''Dimitri''': You are right. My people cannot afford for me to die. My life was never mine to begin with. I haven't the right to throw it away.
* '''Alfonse''': ...What?
* '''Dimitri''': Oh... It's nothing. Thank you for your concern, Alfonse. You are too kind.
* '''Alfonse''': I am not being kind. We are so similar, I feel that I just can't leave you be.
* '''Dimitri''': ...I see. In that case, Alfonse, let us battle side by side and survive the fight together. For duty's sake.
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Dimitri (Three Houses)Edit


  • "I am Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, heir to the throne of Faerghus. I hereby devote myself to your cause."


  • "Honor gained by killing is worthless. When killers are labeled Heroes...that is the most despicable "honor" of all."
  • "So many loved ones lost... Father. Stepmother. Friends. Allies. I alone can silence their pleas for revenge."
  • "One rarely succeeds without help from others. If you need help, you can turn to me, or any of us."
  • "Perhaps you can give me a tour of this land? It's so warm and bountiful, a far cry from my own homeland."
  • "As someone who learned to fight before learning to read, I am most relaxed when training. Care to join?"
  • "My apologies for the intrusion, but Friend asked me to send their regards." (Greeting from friend)
  • "I never expected to stand beside you for this long. In truth, I was more than willing to give my life to your cause. I am grateful to you, Kiran... That's why I need to say this... You should stay far, far away from me. No need to look so shocked. I did not mean right now. I know I have a duty to help you save this world. I will protect you no matter the cost. But when the day finally comes that you no longer need Heroes... Forget about men like me who are stained with blood. Live in happiness. That is my hope for you, dear friend." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info ScreenEdit

  • "Justice is not reason enough to battle. I firmly believe that."
  • "Please don't sneak up on me. I nearly snapped my lance in two..."
  • "Me? I’m fine. It was just a nightmare. I would rather not speak of it, but I would be grateful for your company right now."
  • "No matter the reason, it is evil to kill. I cannot forget that so easily..."
  • "Do you recall the faces of those who have fallen? I do..."
  • "Not a soul in this world dies without knowing regret and hatred."
  • "I have placed my life in your hands. Use it as you see fit."


  • "Of course."
  • "What's next?"
  • "I'll cut through!"

Level UpEdit

  • "Impressive as this result is, I will not allow myself to become complacent." (5-6 stats up)
  • "I will not lose anyone else. Never again..." (3-4 stats up)
  • "A disappointing result, but I will persevere." (1-2 stats up)
  • "You have my thanks. I will prove myself worthy of your trust." (New skill learned)


  • "Let's see you dodge this."
  • "I won't be deterred!"
  • "Stand down."
  • "Right where I want you."


  • "Is this...where it ends..."
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