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“Blessed servants of the goddess! I bring dire news. The dark god has awakened and made its wrath manifest in stone. All of us were turned to hard rock by its evil power, yet we stand here today, made flesh again by the power of the goddess! Why is that? It is because we are the chosen ones!”

The Disciples of Order are former soldiers of Begnion that are loyal to Ashera above else. They are brought back to life by Ashera after she has passed her judgment and petrified most of the inhabitants of Tellius, as a means to counter Yune's army.


Not determining the identity of those brought back to life based on their strengths, Ashera instead selects the soldiers based on whom she feels will be most loyal to her cause. This is evident in Chaos Named, when Tanith mentions that she recognizes some of the soldiers' faces, and that some were merely new recruits. As such, the Disciples of Order are composed of the most devoutly religious individuals to fulfill Ashera's intent of having an army that would never hesitate at any order from the goddess. Many of the named members of the Disciples of Order that are encountered are high-ranking members of the Begnion government that were involved in conspiracies against the other nations of Tellius as well as plots against Begnion's own Apostle Sanaki.

The disciples are more powerful than before, the result of Ashera having blessed them with superhuman strength. The Disciples use SP Classes in place of normal second tier classes. All members wear golden armor, blessed by the goddess.

Maps that feature the Disciples of Order as enemies see high rates of enemy reinforcements, particularly in the chapters Chaos Named and Distortions.

Notable Members[]

Several important figures of Begnion confront Yune's army. They are:

  • Valtome - Member of the Begnion Senate and Duke of Culbert.
  • Numida - Member of the Begnion Senate.
  • Oliver - Member of the Begnion Senate and the Duke of Tanas.
  • Hetzel - Member of the Begnion Senate and the Duke of Asmin.
  • Lekain - The Vice Minister of Begnion, a high ranking Begnion senator, and the Duke of Gaddos.
  • Levail - Former general of Duke Gaddos's army who becomes Zelgius' second-in-command.
  • Yuma- A Blade Paladin blessed by Goddess Ashera under the Disciples of Order. Believes Sanaki is the False Apostle.
  • Zelgius - Commander of the Begnion Central Army who serves under Sephiran.
  • Sephiran - The Prime Minister of Begnion, the most senior member of the Begnion Senate and the Duke of Persis.
  • Catalena - A Falcon Knight serving under Goddess Ashera to place judgement upon Ike's forces.