In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, there are a few game-breaking glitches that can occur that cause Seliph to act in unintended ways.

Frozen Lord Glitch Edit

To Perform Edit

In order to trigger the Frozen Lord Glitch, you must:

  1. Have a Promoted Seliph Dismount, then wait.
  2. Have a Dancer Dance to give him another action.
  3. Have Seliph take another action

Effects Edit

When these actions occur, Seliph will be greyed out on all of the turns after the glitch is triggered as if he had already performed an action that turn. You can have a Dancer Dance next to the bugged Seliph to allow him to continue through the map, but if you finish the entire Chapter and move onto the next, Seliph will disappear entirely and is absent in the throne room, thus making it impossible for the game to be finished unless the glitch was performed during the last chapter.

Vanishing Lord Glitch Edit

To Perform Edit

In order to trigger the Vanishing Lord Glitch, you must:

  1. Have a Promoted Seliph Dismount
  2. Re-enter the main castle

Effects Edit

When these actions are carried out, Seliph will enter the main castle, but will not appear inside should you attempt to find him after. Clicking on his name in the unit list will cause the cursor to be placed wherever you last had it set. The game continues normally without Seliph, until the next objective needs to be conquered and he is not in your army, causing the game to be absolutely impossible to finish.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Glitch only works with Seliph as he is able to dismount off of his horse back into the Junior Lord class unlike Sigurd, who is stuck as a Knight Lord.
    • In addition, no other class in the game is able to dismount, and the absence of any character is not game-breaking unless it is Seliph.
  • The Frozen Lord Glitch is a long known glitch that has been around for quite a while. The Vanishing Lord Glitch is much younger and less widely known.
  • The Frozen Lord Glitch would not be game-breaking if performed during the Final Chapter of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War as Seliph being cut from the roster from every chapter onward would not affect the game and the ability to complete it.
  • The Vanishing Lord Glitch can be performed without taking any action if it is carried out from the main base.
  • Both glitches cause the Auto-Cursor feature to place the cursor at the top-left corner of the screen at the beginning of every turn.
  • While the Frozen Lord Glitch still allows Seliph to take some action after having someone dance for him, the Vanishing Lord Glitch completely removes him from the game.
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