Eirika chooses to travel by sea to the theocracy of Rausten. Her search for a ship leads her to Port Kiris in Carcino. Carcino is a young nation ruled by a council of merchants, and it is an ally of Frelia. Carcino council leader Klimt, a staunch opponent of Grado's imperialistic actions, has pledged Carcino's support to Frelia in this conflict. Prince Innes also intends to pass through Carcino on his way to Jehanna. Eirika believes there is nothing to fear in Carcino, but she is wrong.


Chapter 9

Distant Blade is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones if you choose Eirika's route. This is the first chapter you can get Amelia, and see a future character like Rennac who comes later in the game. This is also the first chapter you can use tana to fight, while on Ephraim route she captured and surrounded by a mage and a knight. You get your first Ocean Seal used to promote Colm a thief and if you promoted Ross into a Pirate him as well. You get your second Rapier here as well, which can only be used by Eirika.
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