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“Upon gaining control of the Verdane Kingdom, Sigurd received orders from Belhalla to preside over Evans Castle along the border. He soon thereafter took Deirdre to be his wife. Grannvale's subjugation of Verdane caused quite a stir in neighboring Agustria. The lords of Agustria expressed strong anti-Grannvale sentiment. The great King Imuka, who prized peace more than anything, was killed by an assassin. King Imuka was succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Chagall. Grannvale's military was still far away to the east in Isaach. And none too soon did the new king command the lords of Agustria to invade Verdane. Under orders to hold Evans Castle, Sigurd once again found himself in the midst of conflict.”
—Opening Narration

Disturbance in Agustria is Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


  • Take over Heirhein Castle.
  • Take over Anphony Castle.
  • Take over Mackily Castle.
  • Take over Agusti Castle.

New Characters

Name Class Requirement
Chulainn Swordfighter Beat the Arena with any given character in their very first try.
Lachesis Princess Talk with Sigurd
Beowolf Free Knight Let someone pay him 10000 gold (he keeps the gold)
Lewyn Bard Automatically the turn after Heirhein is conquered
Silvia Dancer Automatically the turn after Heirhein is conquered
Erinys Pegasus Knight Talk with Lewyn


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Deirdre Ethlyn Light Brand Any time
Sigurd Lachesis Recruit Lachesis Any time
Dew Lachesis Thief Sword, 50 love points Lachesis recruited, if Dew or Lachesis do not have a lover.
Quan Finn Brave Lance Heirhein conquered
Arden - Pursuit Ring Wait on the last square of the western peninsula
Sigurd Lewyn - Lewyn recruited
Anybody Beowolf Recruit Beowolf, 10000 Gold Beowolf appears (need to pay him 10000 gold)
Any character - - Wait near the Mackily knight at the eastern edge of the map, Heirhein conquered, Anphony not conquered
Beowolf Lachesis Str +2, Skl +2, Def +1, 100 love points Anphony conquered, Beowolf recruited
Alec Silvia 100 love points Anphony conquered
Silvia Sigurd - Anphony conquered
Lewyn Erinys Recruit Erinys Erinys appears
Erinys Sigurd - Erinys recruited
Lachesis - Knight Ring All of Lachesis's NPC Knights survive, End of Chapter


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This chapter has you being attacked on multiple fronts multiple times and correct positioning is essential to completing this chapter with no casualties.

At the beginning of the chapter, Nordion will be under attack from Elliot, who has a Silver Lance. You are going to want to rush in with your cavalry units; notably Lex, Quan, Finn, and Sigurd, so you can save Lachesis and her knights. Bring Ethlyn to heal the knights so you can get the Knight Ring later. You will likely want to kill Elliot with either Quan or Finn to make use of the Silver Lance. From there if you want the Bargain Ring you'll have to rush to Heirhein and seize it quickly. Then Lewyn will appear from the top right village with Silvia and use them to clear out the bandits and get the Bargain Ring. However, doing so is very difficult without losing any of your units because you have to be precise with every move, not to mention that those sidequests tend to rely on RNG.

From there Voltz will appear with Beowolf at the very top of the map. Once you start approaching Anphony they will rush at you at full force. Using Quan and Finn, you can easily take out multitude of Sword Knights. You will need 10,000 gold to recruit Beowolf, but this should be easily gained through the arena or selling the rings given by the bosses. Voltz himself will be a bit of a challenge, but he will fall easily if you attack him with both Finn and Quan. From there using Ayra, Chulainn (if you recruited him), and Lewyn to clear out the armors and assault Macbeth. After you defeat Macbeth, you will want to move everybody back down to Nordion and a small group with Lewyn to your Home Base to prepare for Erinys' attack.

To take Mackily you will have to go through two of Chagall's Cavalry brigades and the Myrmidons, Archers, and Fire Mages protecting the castle. You might want to send in Azelle and Quan to deal with the 2 range units and the Myrmidons. But the Archers and Myrmidons have pursuit, so be careful about that. Use Deirdre's Silence to remove the threat of the Sleep Staff from the field then just kill him with anybody you wish. During all of this, Erinys' Pegasus Squad will be moving towards your base, and if you let them take it, it's game over. Since you need to use Lewyn to recruit her, it is best to give him an escort as well. Since the Pegasi have javelins, using Finn, Quan, or Lex would be a good idea. After defeating all of them, use Lewyn to talk to Erinys and recruit her.

After this, Zyne will come out with his brigade of horse units. His Horseslayer is guaranteed to land critical hits against your cavalry units, therefore, player should be cautious when battling him. The weapon will drop after defeating Zyne and will be a great asset in the next chapter, so make sure lance units such as Finn or Quan receive it. Using units with 1-2 range such as Quan, Azelle, Lewyn, and Lex would benefit you greatly in the attack on Agusti. Watch out for the five ballistas though: only one of them can be destroyed at range, and only Erinys can reach the others, but as she is a Pegasus Knight, she will be easily killed if she doesn't dodge one of the hits. After dealing with Zyne's brigade, use your most powerful units and take on Chagall and his Armors. You will likely want to use Azelle and Lewyn for this job. After that, the chapter is over.

Arena Data

Tier Name Class Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Lvl HP Str Mag Skl Spd Def Res
1 Zero Axe Fighter Steel Axe Hand Axe 5 40 9 0 4 11 9 0
2 Mahatma Fire Mage Elfire Elfire 8 34 0 12 8 8 1 7
3 Rowin Lance Knight Steel Lance Javelin 11 41 10 1 9 9 9 1
4(1) Barknin Swordfighter Steel Sword (only appears in melee) 14 44 11 1 14 14 9 1
4(2) Millet Hunter (only appears in ranged) Steel Bow 14 44 11 1 14 14 9 1
5 Heltsok Armour Steel Lance Javelin 17 57 14 1 10 8 15 1
6 Chacof Thunder Mage Elthunder, Shield Ring Elthunder, Shield Ring 20 46 2 13 15 12 3 11
7 Chulainn Swordfighter Iron Blade (only appears in melee first time) 12 40 14 0 17 17 11 1
7(2) Keimos Forrest Steel Blade (only appears in melee) 23 63 18 5 18 18 13 5
7(3) Marilyn Sniper (only appears in range) Silver Bow 23 63 18 2 18 18 13 5


Disturbance in Agustria/Script