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The Divine Dragon Grounds is a location in Valm (Fire Emblem Awakening) and is said to be the former home of the Divine Dragon Naga. It is said that Naga's voice will enact a holy ritual to commune with Naga and regain her power.

Fire Emblem Awakening

The Divine Dragon Grounds is the central location during Paralogue 17: The Threat of Silence. Here, the player needs to protect Tiki from a horde of Risen for a set number of turns.

Project X Zone 2

The Divine Dragon Grounds return as a location in the cross-over game Project X Zone 2.

During Prologue 5: The Fire Emblem, Tiki is surrounded by the demon Kamuz from Ride of the Valkyrie and his troops, as well as a few Risen. Among the playable characters from Ride of the Valkyrie and Tales of Vesperia are Chrom and Lucina, who join partway into the battle.

Chrom, Lucina, and the gathered team return to the Divine Dragon Grounds on Chapter 35: Justice Enforced. Kamuz and his troops are joined by Mega Man X's Vile, Street Fighter's Juri Han, and Tales of Versperia's Zagi to try and get Tiki to use her power to "unlock" the Golden Seed's own power.


Arcfire 1440

Arcthunder 1620

Arcwind 1320

Nosferatu 980

Ruin 1380


  • Oddly enough, the Divine Dragon Grounds is geographically located on top of where Zofia Harbor used to be.