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Divining Destinies is a post-time-skip DLC quest given to Byleth by Hapi or a Mercenary if she is not recurited before the time-skip or fell in battle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the War Phase of any route.

Quest Details

"Attention! A renowned fortune-teller is opening up shop in Abyss."


"Seek out the wayseer said to be in Abyss. Perhaps she can offer insight into getting to know your allies."

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

  • Hapi is recruited

"A fortune-teller recently set up shop in Abyss. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, why not drop by?"

  • Hapi is not recruited or fell in battle

"A famed fortune-teller is visiting Garreg Mach—sort of. She's not stepping foot on the surface, see. If you wish to hear her wisdom, you'll have to find her, wherever she is."

Quest Completion Dialogue

  • Hapi is recruited

"So you talked to the wayseer. huh? That kinda thing's not really for me. If she told me something good, I'd get my hopes up, and if she told me something bad, I'd get upset. But I'm glad you got something out of it."

  • Hapi is not recruited or fell in battle

"Abyss, huh? An entire community beneath our feet. Who could have guessed. Well, I'd love to have my fortune told, but first I have to find my way down there somehow..."


Given to you by Hapi in the Ashen Wolves Classroom or the Mercenary north of the diner hall if she is not recruited.


  • Dagda Fruit Blend x1
  • 800 Renown
  • Access to Wayseer.


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Talk to Hapi in the Ashen Wolves Classroom or the Mercenary north of the diner hall and accept the quest on the player's next day off. Head to the Wayseer in the room south of the scrap heap room and ask to Strengthen a bond, entwine their destinies or just check out. Report to Hapi to finish the quest.