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Dobalzark is a boss character encountered in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Dobalzark's presence in Chapter 10 is a bit of an enigma, never receiving any explanation in game. It can likely be inferred that he is a Thracian soldier tasked with monitoring the border between Thracia and the Grannvale Empire, though his decision to aid the empire in repelling Leif's advance is never explained. He is one of the least developed characters in the entire series, even when compared to other bosses.


Starting Class
FE5 Drag rider.gifDragon Knight
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Continue.pngContinueFE5 Sword Icon.png Sword - D
FE5 Lance Icon.png Lance - B
FE5silverlance.pngSilver Lance
  • Stats may vary due to auto-leveling


Dobalzark is not particularly powerful, but he seems custom built to frustrate the player. His single movement star cannot be discounted, as it can allow him to threaten certain parts of the map early or even attack fragile units that are positioned a full 18 tiles away from him. His relatively low Strength weakens the impact of his mighty Silver Lance, but he possesses Continue, which gives him a small chance of being able to kill units he would otherwise not be able to down in one round. Thankfully, the battle with Dobalzark comes fairly early on in the chapter, so resetting the chapter can be a legitimate answer if he randomly achieves a double move. 

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