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*[[SKL]]: 40%
*[[SKL]]: 40%
*[[SPD]]: 20%
*[[SPD]]: 20%
*[[DEF]]: 25%
*[[RES]]: 15%
*[[LUK]]: 45%
*[[LUK]]: 45%
*[[DEF]]: 25%
* [[RES]]: 15%

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“I...must return home alive. My family is waiting for me...”
—Dorcas in a support conversation with Geitz

Dorcas is a Fighter in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. He is first seen in Lyndis' story but joins Eliwood's group later on with his old friend Bartre, also a fighter. He originally is a mercenary working for a group of bandits Lyndis and her friends are fighting, but after he finds out Lyndis is protecting his wife from the very same group of bandits he is working for, he then decides to join her group. When asked why it is that he was working as a mercenary, he says that he needs money for his injured wife's treatments. Later, in Eliwood/Hector's mode, Dorcas comes out of a village on the second turn, along with his rival and friend, Bartre. At chapter 15, in a conversation with Lyn, Dorcas revealed that some time after Lyn's group defeated Lundgren he and Natalie moved to Lycia and settle down in Pherae, where Natalie remains, waiting for Dorcas's return and hoping Lyn to visit them.


Dorcas is willing to go to almost any extent to get the money for Natalie. However, he doesn't want to be a burden, such as when Bartre offers to try and get a raise from Eliwood, and when Farina lends some gold, he refuses it. At the end of the game, Dorcas ends up having earned the money he needed and returns home to his wife, Natalie, and buys her the needed care. He lives the rest of his life calmly with his wife.

It can be implied he was deceased before the War on Bern or that he simply wasn't involved in the violence at all, because his default ending states that "he lived the rest of his life calmly".

Death Quote: " I'm sorry Natalie...I swore I'd help you...and now I have oath"

Growth Rates


With his big amount of strength, luck and skill (unusual in Fighters), despite his defense is just decent his high HP can make up for that. Talking about lacks the only noticeables here are the low resistence (common among heavy units) and the lack of speed, however, if you really like Dorcas, this can be fixed by having him use speedwings.

Possible Supports

Bartre, Farina, Geitz, Oswin, Vaida.


  • In Chapter Four of Lyn's Story, have Lyndis talk to him. If the player fails to do this, Dorcas will automatically join if he survives the chapter.
  • In Chapter Eleven of Eliwood’s Story, Dorcas automatically joins at the start of turn 2.
  • In Chapter Twelve of Hector’s Story, Dorcas automatically joins from the start.


Lyn's Route

Dorcas - Fighter of Bern

Once Lyn's true heritage is recognized in Caelin, Dorcas returns to his home in Bern. There he cares for his wife and makes a good living as a mercenary, fighting the local bandits.

Dorcas (Deceased)

After taking injuries in combat, Dorcas returns to Bern to tend to his wife. He never sees Lyn again.

Eliwood's Route

Dorcas - Serene Warrior

Dorcas returned to Pherae and used the money to buy medicine for Natalie, his wife. She recovers quickly.


Dorcas (originally a girl's name) is pronounced DOR-kuss. It's of Greek origin, and it's meaning is "gazelle". Dorcas was a disciple of Joppa found in the Book of Acts 9:36–42 of the Bible. She was a dressmaker who made clothes for the poor in her village.

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