Chapter Quotes Edit

White Clouds Chapter 1: Three Houses Edit

Rivalry of the Houses (Mission) Edit

  • "My, my... The new professor seems very capable." (retreat quote)

White Clouds Chapter 2: Familiar Scenery Edit

First Kill Edit

  • "So, is making us experience a real battle part of the church's teachings?

Verdant Wind/Azure Moon: Chapter 16 (The Rose-Colored River) Edit

Vs. Ferdinand

  • Dorothea: Oh, Ferdie. You opposed Edie for so long... I had real hopes for you, you know?
  • Dorothea: Now you're following her. Is that your duty as a noble? Follow your master when they say to heel?
  • Ferdinand: I will not try to explain my duty or hers. You would not understand.
  • Ferdinand: I wish you could. Anyway, no time for idle chitchat!

As an Enemy Edit

Verdant Wind: Chapter 20 (Conclusion of the Crossing Roads) Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • "Oh, that face brings back some memories. It's a shame we don't have time to catch up."

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • "If it's our destiny to kill each other, then I cannot – will not – respect the goddess. My only request is that if you win, you'll at least have the decency to kill me quickly."

Vs. Manuela Edit

  • Dorothea: Manuela? It's not like you to show up anywhere sober. What's the occasion?
  • Manuela: I thought maybe we could talk. I could help you see the error of your ways. Or we could just try to kill each other over what we believe in. You ready to do this?
  • Dorothea: No... But let's get to it.

Death Quote Edit

“Edelgard, forgive me... I can't...”
—Dorothea's defeat quote

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "I’ll keep my voice down. Don’t want people thinking I’m vying for attention. But how loud is too loud?"

Cooking Edit

  • "I can cook… food. But not anything you’d call “cuisine”. I just think it’s all the same once it’s in your stomach, so why overdo it with the cooking, right?"

Dining Hall Edit

  • "I don't like being hit on during a meal, so it's nice to be with you."
  • "I think I like this, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure." (Favorite dish)
  • "I'm pretty sure I don't like this, but I'll be OK as long as it's edible." (Disliked dish)

With Manuela Edit

Unknown support level
  • Manuela: Look at how fancy the professor is! Dining with two stars of the stage. You must be flattered, no?
  • Dorothea: We can't sing and dance our way through the meal, but do you like the opera, Professor?
Unknown support level
  • Manuela: Having a meal like this reminds me of the old days, eating alongside the rest of the opera company.
  • Dorothea: So true. I really miss those days. Oh, sorry Professor. I didn't mean to leave you out of the conversation.

With Ferdinand Edit

Unknown Support Level
  • Ferdinand: Food tastes best when you are sharing it with others. Do you not think so, Dorothea?
  • Dorothea: Yes. Present company excluded, of course.
C Support
  • Ferdinand: The food here is simple but well-prepared. A meal can be delicious without being fancy.
  • Dorothea: Come again? I've never heard a nobleman say anything like that.
A Support
  • Dorothea: Sharing a meal with your allies makes you forget the differences in where you're all from.
  • Ferdinand: So, you finally approve of me?! Let us toast to that!

Recruitment Edit

Requirements Not Met
  • "I do find you very...interesting, Professor. I'm just not sure if it's enough to change classes. Hmm... Let me think about it a bit more."
Requirements Met
  • "Hey there, Professor. I was thinking it might be nice to join your class. I'm not unhappy where I am. But I was just thinking that maybe if I was with you... Well, I might learn even more."
  • (Female Byleth) "You're the kinda gal a girl could pay attention to, you know?"
  • (Male Byleth) "You're the kinda guy a gal could pay attention to, you know?"
    • Invite to join your house: "Oh, yeah? That's great! I'm looking forward to spending more time with you, Professor."
    • Decline to invite: "Oh... OK, then. I understand. I'll be... I'll be fine in some other class."

Gifts Edit

  • "Sure, I'll take it." (Disliked gift)
  • "Thank you, Professor." (Liked gift)
  • "Are you sure? Thank you! I love it." (Favorite gift)

Lost Items Edit

  • "How did you know I lost this? Thank you for bringing it back to me."
  • "I'm sorry but that's not mine. I wonder whose it is?"

Tea Party Edit

  • "Isn't it nice, taking a moment to relax?"
  • "You're very thoughtful, Professor. So much better than those nobles around here." (Favorite tea: Albinean Berry Blend, Sweet Apple Blend)

Introducing Own Topic Edit

  • "I am not really a fan of hymns. I don’t want to offer silly songs to my goddess."
  • "More nobles than you’d expect make a pilgrimage to Garreg Mach to pray."
  • "My ideal partner is religious, but only just. And they have enough money to live on for all our days."
  • "So, you don’t have any weaknesses after all? I’m totally envious of you."
  • "Whatever the future may bring, I’m so glad I met you."
  • "Why are men so vain? They should know their lies will never last."
  • "You’re such an open-minded person, Professor. I’m glad you don’t judge me for living how I want to."
  • "Don’t you think you feel stronger attraction to someone when you know you may die tomorrow?"
  • "So many people have died… I’m so terribly down. I feel better here, with you though."

Voice lines Edit

  • "Why thank you so much."
  • "Smells good."
  • "Hm?"
  • "Oh really?"
  • "How warm!"
  • "Ahahahaha!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Professor!"
  • "Professor?"
  • "Incredible!"
  • "What a happy little moment."
  • "What!?"
  • "Surely not."
  • "Huh."

Observe Edit

  • "Has anyone ever told you that you're hard to read?"
  • "Everyone here is an heir or an heiress. But not me. I'm just a commoner."

End Edit

  • "That was a lovely cup of tea. Thank you, Professor. Please call me again."


Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "Huh? I was wrong?"
    • Critique: "Aw, I knew that answer."
    • Console: "Oh, Professor. You're too kind."
  • Great: "I appreciate your coaching, Professor."
  • Great: "Everything went pretty well today."
  • Perfect: "I got it? Good."
    • Praise: "You're quite the motivator, Professor."

Goal change Edit

  • "Most nobles seem to think magic is their birthright and that commoners lack the talent for it. Help me master reason and train as a Warlock to prove them wrong." (Locking down the Magic goal request)
  • "I don't believe in the goddess,but...I do believe in you. You've taught us all so much, Professor. You've even taught me to have faith." (Faith in You goal request)
  • "A woman has to look out for herself, yes? Allow me to refine my sword technique,so I can handle those who get too close. There is a place for a sword in the performing arts you know." (A Graceful Blade goal request)

Group Tasks Edit

With Manuela Edit
  • Dorothea: All right, Manuela! Let's do this together.
  • Manuela: The Mittelfrank Opera Company way!
  • Dorothea: Time to put on a show they'll never forget!
With Ferdinand Edit
  • Ferdinand: Leave it to me. I can handle it all by myself.
  • Dorothea: By yourself? That's not how doing things together works.
  • Ferdinand: Oh, I suppose that is true. Sorry, I got quite ahead of myself.

Stable Duty Edit

Clearing Rubble Edit

Sky Watch Edit

Results Edit

With Manuela Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • Dorothea: You were great. What an amazing result.
    • Manuela: It's all because I could count on you.
  • Good result:
    • Manuela: Hmm, that was everything we needed to do, but it feels like we still came up a little bit short.
    • Dorothea: I agree. We could've done even better.
With Ferdinand Edit
  • Good result:
    • Dorothea: You know, that was pretty good. I suppose I should say thanks. So, thanks.
    • Ferdinand: Perhaps if you did not despise me so, we would have done better!

Certification Exams Edit

  • "I passed thanks to you, Professor." (Passed)
  • "I wonder what I got wrong?" (Failed)


  • "I passed thanks to you, Professor." (Passed)
  • "I wonder what I got wrong?" (Failed)

Level Up Edit

  • "Not... quite what I was after." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "Well? Like what you see?" (3 stats up)
  • "Growth is a part of life." (3 stats up)
  • "I want to be all I can." (3 stats up)
  • "I think I've outdone myself!" (Upon reaching Level 99)


  • "Maybe it's better this way." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "Feels like fighting is all there is."
  • "I'm growing, but at what cost?" (3 stats up)
  • "All this power just to survive." (7 stats up)

Skill Level Up Edit

New Skill
  • "Oh, I see now."
  • "I've grasped it! How lovely."
  • "I'm a quick study."


  • "It's starting to feel like a part of me."
  • "I'm a quick study."
  • "I'm getting the hang of it."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "I've really made this my own."


  • "I finally made it my own."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastery Edit

  • "I've really made this my own."


  • "I finally made it my own."

Reclassing Edit

  • "I don't look odd or anything, do I?"
  • "A balance of brawn and beauty."
  • "Guess I'll have to learn something new, won't I?"

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "That's my cue!" (Full/High Health)
  • "Shouldn't... strain myself." (Medium Health)
  • "I went overboard." (Low Health)


  • "More fighting..." (Full/High Health)
  • "Shouldn't... strain myself." (Medium Health)
  • "Is this the final act?" (Low Health)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • "Try again!"

Critical AttackEdit

  • "This is going to hurt, okay?"
  • "Take me seriously!"
  • "You can't stop me!"
  • "I can’t go easy on you."

Facing named enemy

  • "Did you underestimate me?"
  • "This is going to hurt!"
  • "Don't try to stop me!"
  • "No mercy, not from me!"


  • "One of us has to die!"
  • "I'll strike you down!"
  • "Time for your last dance!"
  • "I’ll leave you breathless!"

Facing named enemy

  • "I will strike you down!"
  • "Let me take your breath away!"
  • "This is your finale!"

Gambit Edit

  • "Let's use our heads."
  • "Let's try this out."
  • "I have an idea!"


  • "Don't mind getting my hands dirty."
  • "Use what you have."
  • "I've got a plan."

Gambit BoostEdit

  • "Together, we can't fail!"
  • "Please, allow me."
  • "This is critical!"
  • "Allow me!"
  • "Give it all we got!"
  • "Together we will succeeded!"


  • "Together, we can't fail!"
  • "Please, allow me."
  • "This is critical!"
  • "Allow me!"
  • "This could be crucial!"
  • "Together we will succeed!"

Triangle AttackEdit

  • "Now if you please."
  • "All at once okay?"
  • "All together now!"


  • "If you please."
  • "Let's begin!"
  • "I'm counting on you!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Winning's always nice."
  • "All roses have thorns."
  • "I've got many skills, you know!"
  • "I won't go down so easily!"
  • "You were wide open!"
  • "I'm stronger than I look."


  • "Winning is what matters."
  • "Only thorns left on this rose."
  • "It's win, or die."
  • "This is my stage, now."
  • "Will this ever end?"
  • "I don't regret this power."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "Impressive as always."
  • "Hey, not bad!"
  • "Let's keep at it!"
  • "I'm practicaly Swooning!"
  • "chuckles Impresive!"
  • "I think I’m in love!"


  • "Impressive as always."
  • "One step closer to victory."
  • "That should boost moral."
  • "Very impressive."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "Thanks so much!"
  • "Delightful!"
  • "Oh! Thank you."
  • "Sweet of you."
  • "How sweet."
  • "Lovely timing!"


  • "How sweet!"
  • "Sweet of you."
  • "Exquisite timing."
  • "Thanks so much!"
  • "Oh! Thank you."
  • "Lovely timing!"

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Damn it! Not here... I can't quit now.”
—Dorothea's retreat quote. (casual)
“That’s it for me. I still have more to do, after all.”
—Dorothea's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“I'd hoped to relive those glory days...but it wasn't meant to be.”
—Dorothea's death quote. (classic)
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