In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Draco Zombies are Manaketes that have been transformed into evil beings of great power by Dark Magic. They wield Wretched Air, and with all monster weapons, has infinite durability. When Lyon journeyed to the Dark Temple, he was confronted by Morva, who attempted fruitlessly to stop the prince, and in turn was morphed into a Draco Zombie. When fighting Morva, he has the attack animation of a Manakete, but with a darker color than Myrrh's to fit the zombie-like appearance. The first Draco Zombie you'll face is Morva on chapter 20: Darkling Woods, though floor 10 of the Lagdou Ruins is notorious for the fact that it is solely composed of Draco Zombies and the only level in the whole ruins to host them.


A Draco Zombie is vulnerable to Bows and S-level weapons. Use the S-level Bow, Nidhogg, to defeat one in a single hit.


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