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“What a calamity! If dragons return to this world… The continent will be ash in less than a month!!”
Athos talking about the Dragon and its companions

The unnamed Dragon , often referred to by its class name of Fire Dragon, is the final boss of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It was one of the three dragons who were summoned out of the Dragon's Gate by Nergal, but was the only one that survived a charged ice attack from a revived Ninian, although it was greatly weakened in the process. It uses a unique Flametongue weapon.


Help Description: A wandering dragon that breached the Dragon's Gate.

Boss Stats


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It has 3 spaces of attack. Oddly enough, despite the fact that it has 9 spaces of movement, it remains stationary. It should be noted that the Dragon always deals a fixed 37 damage in Normal Mode and 38-40 damage in Hard Mode. It is possible to kill it in one hit with Nils boosting Athos with Filla's Might and getting a critical hit with a Luna or Aureola equipped. Canas with Luna, Eliwood with the Durandal can also do this if they have their Magic Power/Strength capped and have investment from Support Bonuses. But it is considered a gamble to really exclusively on critical hit RNG and it is otherwise preferable to gag up on Fire Dragon in a group effort. Filla's Might is especially recommended for someone who have the attack speed of 21 necessary to double them.



  • The Dragon is the only final boss in the Fire Emblem series that is unnamed.
  • The Dragon is the only final boss in the Fire Emblem series who does not hold a major role in its game and was not introduce prior to its boss fight.
  • The Dragon's gender is unknown.
  • The Dragon is one of the three final bosses who doesn't have any dialogue. The others are Velezark and Fomortiis.
    • It is also one of the two final bosses who is a dragon unit who doesn't have any dialogues. The other one is Velezark.
  • The Dragon and Fomortiis are the only two mainline final bosses not eligible for the Choose Your Legends voting competition.