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“What a calamity! If dragons return to this world… The continent will be ash in less than a month!!”
Athos talking about the Dragon and its companions

The unnamed Dragon , often referred to by its class name of Fire Dragon, is the final boss of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. It was one of the three dragons who were summoned out of the Dragon's Gate by Nergal, but was the only one that survived a charged ice attack from a revived Ninian, although it was greatly weakened in the process. It uses a unique Flametongue weapon.


Help Description: A wandering dragon that breached the Dragon's Gate.

Boss Stats[]


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It has 3 spaces of attack. Oddly enough, despite the fact that it has 9 spaces of movement, it remains stationary. It should be noted that the Dragon always deals a fixed 37 damage in Normal Mode and 38-40 damage in Hard Mode. It is possible to kill it in one hit with Nils boosting either Athos or Canas, providing he has maxed out magic, with Filla's Might and having the latter strike a critical hit with Luna. This can also be done with a maxed out Eliwood if he has Durandal equipped.



  • The Dragon is the only final boss in the Fire Emblem series that is unnamed.
  • The Dragon is the only final boss in the Fire Emblem series who does not hold a major role in its game and was not introduce prior to its boss fight.
  • The Dragon's gender is unknown.
  • The Dragon is one of the three final bosses who doesn't have any dialogue. The others are Velezark and Fomortiis.
    • It is also one of the two final bosses who is a dragon unit who doesn't have any dialogues. The other one is Velezark.