Paralogue 2: Dragon BloodEdit


  • Kana: Ah! What a lovely day! I might just break out in song! And twirl all the day long! Hmm. But Papa/Mama is visiting today, and I haven’t seen him/her in such a long time. I’d better do something special for him/her. Gather some fruit? Fish for fish? Ha, I know! Papa/Mama should have both. So I’d better get going!

(Scene transitions to Kana standing on the battlefield, invaders appear)

  • Invader:
  • Kana: Wh-who are you? Y-you look weird! Get away from me!

(Kana runs back, more invaders appear)

  • Kana: Umm, what do you all want? You’d better not be here to make trouble. My papa/mama will be here soon! They’re not listening. But I can’t just run. They look ready to do evil things!

(Kana runs at an invader, misses her/his attack, and gets hit)

  • Kana: Oof!

(Corrin rushes in, defeating the invader Kana attacked)

  • Corrin: Phew! Here in the nick of time. Are you all right, Kana?
  • Kana: P-Papa/M-Mama?
  • Corrin: I’m so sorry, Kana. You’ve been safe here for so long. I never thought anyone would come here to hurt you. Please tell me you’re OK!
  • Kana: Yeah, Papa/Mama.
  • Corrin: Thank the gods. Now, off with you. Your papa/mama has everything in hand. YOU! You dare touch my child?! I'll soak these fields with your blood!

(Corrin defeats two more invaders)

  • Kana: Papa/Mama, there are too many of them!
  • Corrin: I'll protect you, Kana. But don't worry about me. I told you to run! Now, the rest of you! Prepare to join your comrades in death!

(Corrin attacks an invader, but does no damage)

  • Corrin: They’re tough… But I have to… keep them away from…
  • Kana: No! You bunch of bullies! Stop hurting Papa/Mama!

(Kana runs and pushes Corrin out of the way)

  • Corrin: Kana! How many times do I need to tell you?! Run!
  • Kana: No! I’m not going to leave, Papa/Mama! Not when I’ve waited so long to see you again! No one’s going to take you from me! I’m staying right—rrgg! Right here by—RRRG! By your—RRAWRGH!

(Kana transforms into a dragon)

  • Corrin: Kana?! You're...

(Kana defeats the invader in front of them)

  • Kana: RRAAAAWRG!
  • Corrin: It can't be. She/He shouldn't have the ability to—
  • Corrin: No...she/he must have inherited it from me. But for it to awaken here, now? She's/He's out of control. This...this must be her/his first time transforming! She's/He's at risk of losing herself/himself to a mindless rampage in the face of these foes! Friends, join me! We must clear the field of this menace—fast!

Battle (Turn 8)Edit

  • Llewelyn: Mwahaha. What have we here, Lloyd?
  • Lloyd: Hey, bro! I don't know.
  • Llewelyn: It's plain as the nose on your face. Can't you see it over there?
  • Lloyd: Huh? See what? Where?
  • Llewelyn: I dunno, my nearsighted brother. Maybe I mean that dragon yonder?
  • Lloyd: Who'd name a dragon Yonder?!
  • Llewelyn: No, you addle-brained baboon. I mean that dragon way OVER yonder.
  • Lloyd: Why didn't you say so? Dragons are like gods! We should catch it!
  • Llewelyn: Yes. We'll make it our pet. A god on a leash! But let's proceed sensibly. We must pummel it to the brink of death. But what SHOULD we name it...?

Vs. LloydEdit

“That dragon's mine! I'm going to name it Llizardface!”
—Lloyd's pre-battle quote.
“Urrggh... So much for Llizardface.”
—Lloyd's death quote.

Vs. LlewelynEdit

“That dragon belongs to me! I'm going to name it Llardbutt!”
—Llewelyn's pre-battle quote.
“B-b-but, Llardbutt! I'll give you all the dragon treats you can...uurggh...ggh.”
—Llewelyn's death quote.

After BattleEdit

  • Kana: Whuh… whuh… What… What happened, Papa/Mama? I dreamed that I turned into a dragon!
  • Corrin: Yes, well… You did, Kana.
  • Kana: I did? For real? You look upset, Papa/Mama. I didn’t mean to do it, I only wanted to protect you! But I’m small. And I felt… useless. Then I felt myself get so angry. I heard a roaring in my head… It got louder and louder, until I couldn’t hear myself thinking anymore. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to turn into a dragon. Am I in trouble now?
  • Corrin: No! Far from it. You’ve made me the happiest father/mother in the world. I turn into a dragon too.
  • Kana: What? Papa/Mama, you–?
  • Corrin: Listen, Kana. I’m sorry that I haven’t visited you enough to explain… But I keep my power in control by using very special stones. You must too. Or else the dragon within may take over. Don’t be scared – you just need a stone. Azura has given me a stone that you can use. Carry this with you always.
  • Kana: Thank you. It’s such a beautiful stone. I’ll treasure it, Papa/Mama! But now that I can turn into a dragon… can I maybe travel with you?
  • Corrin: I’m so sorry, Kana. But you’re too young. And my world is too dangerous.
  • Kana: No, Papa/Mama? I guess I can wait longer, but only if you promise to visit more often.
  • Corrin: Oh… Of course. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to— Er, I promise—that’s all. And I’ll be sure to bring you a nice gift next time I come.
  • Kana: Yeah… All right, Papa/Mama.
  • Corrin: That’s my girl/boy. Be good, Kana, and you keep hanging on to that stone!

(Corrin leaves)

  • Kana: …Hmpf. No, Papa/Mama. WAIT!

(Corrin returns)

  • Corrin: Kana, I have to go. A lot of people are depending on your papa/mama.
  • Kana: I… I know! That’s why I have to go with you! I’m depending on you too… to come back! And I never know if you’ll… if you’ll… If you’ll DIE and never come back! What if I grow old enough to leave here, but by then you’re gone?
  • Corrin:: Kana, I’m only trying to protect you! But if that’s how you feel… If it’s agony for you being here? That’s the last thing I want. Maybe… All right. You’re coming. With your new powers, you might be safer with me. I need to explain all of this to my friends. You need to say good-bye to yours.
  • Kana: What, I get to come with you? Really?
  • Corrin: Yes, really. But, Kana, it’s a different world out there. It’s not a game – it’s scary. I’ll look after you. Still, are you sure you’re grown-up enough for this?
  • Kana: Well… I’m only a little kid. But I’m old enough to be a dragon. And my papa’s/mama's one too.
  • Corrin: Like father, like daughter/Like mother, like son. I guess there’s a lot we should catch up about.
  • Kana: Yes! I can’t wait! Papa/Mama, I have to say one more thing before we leave. Rrrghg rawrgghh rrrh! That's dragon for "I love you"!
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