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Dragonflowers are stat booster items that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Dragonflowers are used to boost stats of a unit permanently, however, the boosted stats have no effect in Arena Duel scoring. Dragonflowers are obtained by clearing Heroic Ordeals maps or as rewards in Aether Raids. There are four types of Dragonflowers usable on units of the respective movement types:

  • Dragonflower I.png - Heroes Infantry.png Infantry
  • Dragonflower C.png - Heroes Cavalry.png Cavalry
  • Dragonflower F.png - Heroes Flying.png Flying
  • Dragonflower A.png - Heroes Armored.png Armored


With each enhancement by using Dragonflowers, one of the unit's stat will increase by one, and the amount of flowers required for the next enhancement will increase. Most heroes can be enhanced five times, while Infantry heroes released prior to version 3.2.0 can be enhanced ten times.

The following table lists all the enhancements with the costs and selected stat to receive the boost per enhancement:

Enhancement Dragonflower cost Selected stat
5 max 10 max
+1 40 10 The highest Level 1 raw stat.
+2 80 20 The second highest Level 1 raw stat.
+3 120 30 The third highest Level 1 raw stat.
+4 160 40 The fourth highest Level 1 raw stat.
+5 200 60 The last highest Level 1 raw stat.
+6 80 Same as +1
+7 110 Same as +2
+8 140 Same as +3
+9 170 Same as +4
+10 200 Same as +5
Total: 600 860