“Scholars of the complex enigmas of dark magic. Their art has few practitioners and fewer masters.”
—In-game description from Radiant Dawn.

The Druid (ドルイド Doruido) is a combat magical class introduced in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. The promoted form of the Shaman class, Druids wield Dark magic and Staves as their primary equipment of choice.

History in the SeriesEdit

In its original inception in The Binding Blade, the Druid class is introduced alongside the newly-revamped Shaman class, where it acts as the promoted form of the latter class. This iteration of the class is armed with Dark magic and Staves as its equipment of choice. Druids are slower, and less skillful than other magic characters, but have higher Magic, and HP.

Druids return in The Blazing Blade where it as a promotion of the Shaman Canas. Female Druids only appear in the Chapter Cog of Destiny on Hector Hard Mode, although they use the Male battle animations.

In The Sacred Stones, the Druid class is further granted the ability to arm Anima magic alongside Dark Magic for combat purposes. Like The Blazing Blade female Druids are unused but still exist within the games code, albeit no longer having map animations.

In Radiant Dawn, the Druid (呪術士ドルイド Doruido) is an enemy-exclusive class that cannot be recruited into the player's army, with Dark Sage replacing it as the army's Dark magic user. Of the two, Druid has higher stats then Dark Sage, but lacks the ability to use Thunder magic. Druids no longer use staves, and exclusively uses Dark Magic alone. While Druids have no class change options within the game, there is a lategame variation of the class with stats close to a Third Tier class. Additionally Izuka's personal third tier class, Summoner, has stats similar to an enhanced version of druid.



Both Shamans, and Druids are a rarity among the player units due to the difficulty of mastering Dark magic, and the stigma behind it.

In general, Druid have higher HP and Defense but lower Skill and Speed as compared to their Anima counterparts. Druids are also renowned for their decent Magic, Resistance, although these strengths are somewhat offset by their low Luck.


★ - FE10 SP Class.

Base StatsEdit

FE619/17-6/73404/36/766/4-Dark C Staff E
FE719/17-6/73404/36/768/4-Dark C Staff E
FE819/17-6/73404/36/768/4-Anima D Dark C Staff E
FE102913182017091861010FE10 Dark C
FE10 34152020190131861010FE10 Dark A

Maximum StatsEdit

FE660-2924263021/2028/291520-Dark S Staff S
FE760-2926263021/2028/291520-Dark S Staff S
FE860-2926263021/2028/291520-Anima S Dark S Staff S
FE10401530252325162661010FE10 Dark S
FE10 482438302825213761010FE10 Dark SS

Growth RatesEdit

FE10 75%50%95%55%50%105%40%90%----

Class SkillsEdit

FE10ShoveShoveBase skill of all foot units.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE6FE8 Shaman Map SpriteShamanUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Shaman.FE8 Druid Map SpriteDruid
FE7FE8 Shaman Map SpriteShamanUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Shaman.FE8 Druid Map SpriteDruid
FE8 FE8 Shaman Map SpriteShamanUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Shaman.FE8 Druid Map SpriteDruid

Notable DruidsEdit

The Binding BladeEdit

The Blazing BladeEdit

The Sacred StonesEdit

  • Dara (Ingame data unused) - Wise Elder of Caer Pelyn said to over one hundred years old.
  • Possible promotion for: Knoll and Ewan.

Radiant DawnEdit


The Druids were an educated class of Poet-Priests (and arguably Natural Philosophers) amongst the Ancient Celts, most notably in Gaul, Britain and Ireland. They may be traced as far back as 200 BCE, and are suspected to date back far longer. Caesar's invasion of Britain (around 50 BCE) dealt a serious blow to the practice through a massacre at Ynys Mons (which was previously the great centre of Druidic Learning). Druidic practices continued to persist in Ireland and to some degree in Britain nevertheless, possibly until as late as 700 CE, when the Christianization of the Islands took place. There is some debate about the possibility of them practicing human sacrifice rituals, as recounted by Caesar. Druids constructed a major and fairly centralized system across most of Northern Europe, where a belief that it was impious to write on holy matters led to much of their history still being filtered through an outsider's lens from rival cultures and belief systems. This lends to Druids being daubed with an occult and at times dark reputation, which may account for their place as Dark Magic users in Fire Emblem.


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