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Duke Gerth is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Duke Gerth is the head of House Gerth and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Adrestian Empire. He sent Petra to the Officers Academy in Imperial Year 1180. During the Dagda and Brigid War, House Gerth was fortunately spared, although House Nuvelle, who had sided with them, were completely destroyed. Sometime after the war, Dagda gave him the Fetters of Dromi as a sign of friendship and kept it with him, although he did not use it (as he had no Crest). Upon hearing of this, the Church of Seiros sent Constance to retrieve it, due to her connection with Duke Gerth.

Duke Gerth was named as a conspirator in the Insurrection of the Seven, but has since distanced himself from most of the other houses involved and prefers to keep to himself. In Three Hopes, he is revealed to have friendly relations with Monica and Baron Ochs (Monica's father), and has a close working relationship with Countess Varley (Bernadetta's mother).

Three Houses[]

By the time Constance arrived, Duke Gerth was beset upon by Myson, an agent of Those Who Slither in the Dark, who was interested in the Heroes Relic. A group of thieves were also chasing after him, although unbeknownst to either him or the thieves, Myson had experimented on the thieves. The thieves attacked Gerth, who promptly killed them in self-defense, only to be surprised when they reemerged as Demonic Beasts. Upon finding Constance, Gerth was surprised to see her; although he stated she had no obligation to help her given their past, he asked her to help him.

Upon routing Myson, Duke Gerth thanked Constance for the intervention, as the presence of the Demonic Beasts made his blood run cold. He was surprised to see Constance's sudden change in personality, although he suspected that it must have been because of the war and House Nuvelle's destruction. As a reward for rescuing him, he gave Byleth, Yuri and Constance the Fetters of Dromi. Aware that it was a Hero's Relic, he had kept it because the Empire's relationship with the Church had stagnated, and that it made a powerful leverage, although he stated that he was neglecting his duties by giving it to Constance to repay a personal debt he owed to her parents.

Three Hopes[]

Scarlet Blaze[]

Duke Gerth appears some time after the Adrestian Empire's battle at the Great Bridge of Myrddin to ask Bernadetta to assist him and Monica in investigating a cave believed to be a hideout used by Those Who Slither in the Dark, as some of their agents had been spying on him and Baron Ochs. He had sought out the Fetters of Dromi on Edelgard's orders to use as a bargaining chip for when she reformed the Southern Church.

Once the spies are dealt with, Duke Gerth is relieved to have made it out of the battle alive, and he leaves to return to his duties and tell Countess Varley that Bernadetta is doing well with her new friends in the Imperial army.


As an Ally[]

A Cursed Relic[]

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