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“I am here today to explain things, and to bring you news from home that is of the utmost importance. (...) This war was the work of the senate (...) !”
Sanaki talking to her soldiers about the fact that Duke Seliora and the other senators are behind the war between Laguz and Beorc

Duke Seliora is a background character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a senator from Begnion.


Duke Seliora is a member of the Begnion Senate and his mission is to assist the apostle in ruling the Begnion Empire. He rules over Seliora but lives in Sienne, like the other senators. He is presumably one of the senators who betrayed and killed Empress Misaha while framing the Laguz Tribes. It is also hinted that he is also one of the senators who betrayed and captured Sanaki, Misaha's granddaughter.

He is never faced during Radiant Dawn but is most likely killed off screen for his actions.


Due to his lack of screen time, most of Seliora's personality is unknown. However he is said to be power-hungry like most of the senators and racist towards the Laguz and the Branded.


  • He is the only senator of Begnion who never fights the player. He does not encounter them either.
  • Seliora might be the nameless senator who appears at the start of the chapters 4 and 5 of part 3 in Radiant Dawn since the player's party was in his castle. In this case Lombroso, the boss of chapter 5, must be one his two retainers (another boss, Istvan, is said to be his other retainer).