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The symbol of Duma Faithful.

The Duma Faithful is an enemy organization in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake. A religious order dedicated to the War Father Duma, they are the state church and sole religion of Rigel.


After centuries of worshipping Duma, the faith started to suffer a drastic change, but Halcyon, the High Priest of the Duma Faithful, was one of the few who was distressed about Duma’s desire to conquer Valentia, despite his high position.

Eventually, Halcyon was chased by Jedah who received Duma’s support, and fled to the Lost Treescape. With him deposed, Jedah quickly gained control of the Duma Faithful. Protected by Duma, he restructured the faith into a more militaristic organization.

Under this revamp, the Duma Faithful started researching Terrors and invocations under Jedah’s guidance, and many members also offered themselves or sacrifices to Duma, giving them unearthly power but altering their mental state or even depriving them of their souls in some cases, reducing them to madness.

After the defeat of both Jedah and Duma, Nomah successfully spearheaded a unification of the Duma Faithful and the Mila Faithful, and became the new High Priest of the unified faith.

Notable Members


  • In the original game, the majority of the Duma Faithful bosses had the same death quote, uttering "May the blessings of Duma.." in a hypnotic tone. In the remake, they have different death quotes, with the exception of Jamil, who now utters "Duma's upon us...".

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