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“Seat of the Duma Faithful. No records remain of why this ancient towering spire was originally constructed.”
—Description in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Duma Tower (Doma Tower in the Japanese version) is a location from Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It is located in Rigel and is the penultimate dungeon in the remake. There are four floors to the dungeon.


After her long journey and struggles to find Mila, Celica finally arrives at Duma Tower. After fighting a barrage of powerful enemies, she meets the dark priest Jedah at the top floor. Jedah offers Celica the opportunity to assist Alm in continuing on his own journey by prohibiting the landslides at the the Dragon's Maw through offering herself as a sacrifice to clear his path. As a result, Celica is entrapped in the lowest of the tower's altar basement, beset by hordes of monsters and Duma's vile servants.

Later, after conquering Rigel and slaying Emperor Rudolf, Alm is informed by Mycen of a path to Duma Tower directly from the basement of Rigel Castle, which he can take to help Celica. Alm follows the winding tunnels, defeats Berkut and Rinea, and obtains the Falchion and before emerging at the altar to aid Celica and her party. Together, Alm and Celica and their allies unite to defeat both Jedah and Duma, ending the vicious war and purging Valentia of the effects of both gods and finally concluding Rudolf's plan.


In Fire Emblem Awakening, the area where Duma Tower was in Gaiden is roughly translates in Valm to the Mila Shrine Ruins.