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Tsubasa and Eleonora performing their Duo Art Dream Catcher.

Duo Arts are a type of special attack in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. A combination attack between two Mirage Masters that maximizes the entertaining charm of the pair. This Extra Skill can be triggered by selecting the Trigger icon during a Session and can extend the length of the Session by letting all Session participants attack a second time.


Duo Arts are powerful special attacks that can be performed by specific pairs of party members. During a Session, there is a chance that the player will be prompted to select a Duo Art, which will occur at the end of the Session. The characters involved will attack the enemy in tandem. It is not required that actors involved in a Duo Art be in the active three-person party in order to use it, and two Duo Arts that feature Mamori actually partner her with the NPCs Tiki and Barry.

The Duo Arts take the form of short skits, a number of which are directly inspired by the events of the characters' side stories. For example, the Tsubasa/Eleonora Duo Art "Dream Catcher," in which the characters perform an idol duet while shooting magic hearts at the enemy, comes from the synchronized duet the two learn during one of Barry's side stories.

Duo Arts typically inflict elemental damage while offering a boost such as healing the party or recovering some of the SP gauge. Most Duo Arts extend the Session upon completion. An exception to this rule is the aforementioned Dream Catcher, as it inflicts Almighty damage and thus is not a valid Session trigger.

The player gains access to more Duo Arts as side stories are completed. They are unlocked either through direct completion of a side story, or by talking to Maiko after the prerequisites of both characters involved are met.